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PC Mag Feb 24, 2007

Bose's Companion 5 speakers are great for those who want more from their DVD audio but lack the space for a true surround-sound setup.

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PC World New Zealand Jan 29, 2008

It’s no surprise that Bose has slapped a fairly hefty price tag on these speakers, but $699 for a 2.1 setup is hard to justify. The price will most likely mean a reasonably limited audience is drawn to this system.

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gr gr

+ Looks and works very well. - The volume throbber is NOT linked to the host machine volume, as it is on any USB or Bluetooth device. - The pseudo-5.1 sound is a joke, but I wasn't really expecting any real 3D from this.

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Lson Lson

I love the clear sound they produce, every little detail in all frequencies is audible. Durable and space saving speakers that function well in a range of space sizes. Only downside is the insane amount of cables (and their length) involved in setting them up.

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aike aike

Amazing sound. I like that it uses a usb-port for maximum quality on audio. It also have a smart and stylish control.

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Kslater85 Kslater85

Was looking for a good replacement for my promedia's and found out I was a pretty good sucker when I bought these. No adjustments to base or treble and they are about as weak as a wet paper bag.

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dbenveniste dbenveniste

Great set of speakers for my desk. only think i wouldn't give a 10/10 on is the price, but it does provide the best sound quality for that size.

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