August 17th 2010 7:09 pm

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PC Mag Nov 8, 2010

A unique design and secure fit help the Bose IE2 deliver powerful bass at a bargain price, but these earphones are not for the audiophile crowd.

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CNET Oct 19, 2010

While we've heard earphones that sound better for the money, Bose has improved its in-ear headphones so they fit--and sound better--than its previous in-ear model.

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mwp mwp

Overall, a good comfortable pair of headphones. Good for listening to in an office or other quiet environment, but not great on a plane, train, or subway - as it says on the box, there's no noise isolation.

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jmwinters jmwinters

The fit is great because of the extra rubber and changeable sizes. I use them for running/biking and I never have a problem with them falling out or being uncomfortable. The Sound is of course one of the better things, it could be better, but considering the price/size I cant really complain, it...

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LuisC LuisC

For the price the build quality of the cables should be better. But I been using them for about 7 months everyday and I havent had any problems, the cable just feels fragile.

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dwk510 dwk510

I had a pair of the first generation AE and thought that I give these a try. The quality i appreciated with the bose sound is the good balance between highs and bass. I prefer heavier bass with the sound. The design is good with the usual bose touch, although the fit of these on my ears were...

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nickyg600 nickyg600

Pretty good sound quality, but the poor fit and lack of sound isolation kills it for me. With how much these cost, I would expect a whole lot more. These came to me as a gift, but if it were between these and buying cheaper $15 dollar pairs that fit well but are easier to destroy, I would go with...

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