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CNET Oct 21, 2010

The Bose MIE2/MIE2i headsets offer a good combination of comfort and solid sonics for the money.

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What Hi-Fi Mar 21, 2011

A different approach to earbud design that also breeds a different sound – but one that’s up there with the best.

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brmore brmore

Replaced beat to death old Apple standard iPhone headset with MIE2i ... the difference is significant and to the better. Sound is pretty good, even on airplane (but NOT noise cancelling!). Previously had to crank volume to be heard but it seems those Spock looking tips hold the earpiece in a...

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LEM617 LEM617

I used these everywhere I go, including bed and the the shower. JK, not the shower. I have run 2 half marathons and all the training with these headphones. All along with taking phone calls, gaming to music for hundreds of miles sweating profusely and thru rain. Only wire the wire frayed at the...

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aungye91 aungye91

Perfect ear-buds for your entertainment. It works very well with Apple products. Sound quality is very great and you can hear bass sounds clearly. Although it is not noise reducing ear-bud, its structure makes noise reduced. And the rubber cushions makes your ears very comfortable and they also...

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mattfusf mattfusf

Very happy with my MIE2i - very comfortable, the ear tip design holds itself in without a lot of pressure on my ears like a lot of other earphones/canal phones. Sound quality is good and the remote is very handy for activating Siri, answering calls, next/prev track, etc.

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TScube TScube

Do not buy these headphones unless you can manage to keep in EXCELLENT condition...or they'll break really easily. Do not twirl them. Do not have them out of their case for a long time. Do not wear them while exercising. You get the point.

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GraveDigger GraveDigger

Well, after my Dr. Dre In-Ear and the AKG In-Ear, my first hybrid.... and to my surprise (beside the not so good noise isolation when not listening to music, which is no surprise of course) they are awesome, they fit my ears perfectly and don't give me the "pressure" in my...

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MichaelSwensen MichaelSwensen

How many of you have likely spent hundreds of dollars buying one cheap pair of earbuds at a time, only to have them break or blow out after a period of use? Well I know I have for years now. This just makes the point that buying quality the first time will doubtlessly save you money and...

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marcdryan marcdryan

I love the Bose MIE2i headphones. They take music listening to another level with more range in music and a native integration with iOS devices. My major gripe would be that they're not well suited for using in a noisy environment. The earbuds are not designed to fill the ear canal and as such...

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