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  • Audio quality With Bose you get what you pay for and this speaker may fool you in size but the sound is just rich, it fills a large room without problem and sounds crisp great!
  • Design and form factor I love the sleek aluminum body the size makes the quality that much more impressive. The sound resonates nicely with its structure great!
  • Durability Anyone whose purchased Bose knows that as long as you register your product, Bose will always have your back with any issues from blown out speakers to design great!
  • Portability The accessories that are available with this speaker are sick the carrying case and silicone sleeve make it that much more enjoyable to take on the go great!
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A lot of people may shy away from this beauty because of the price, but based on my loyalty and experience with Bose, it's more of an investment. Bose has an amazing warranty that goes along with all of their products and in terms of sound quality its amongst the greatest. Especially being Bluetooth the quality is beyond impressive. I also own the Beats pill that is also of the same price tag and its astonishing the difference that a brand can make in regards to sound. It's rare when I use my Beats Pill because my Bose takes the cake any day. The Beats Pill is loud props for that but in terms of sound richness and depth it lags behind. I understand that price is always a factor in terms of purchasing but if you love your music and your dedicated to the quality of sound, the SoundLink is both an investment and asset to your tech collection.