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  • Audio quality The volume levels I get for the size are amazing. I've previously used a Jambox and this is far louder. Also, the quality at high and low volumes stays true. great!
  • Design and form factor Simple to understand buttons on the top. No tricky pairing mode button combination to connect a device. A beautiful design to boot. great!
  • Durability The aluminum casing feels top notch. I haven't dropped it yet to see how it withstands that, but the feel gives the impression that it could take a beating. great!
  • Portability Very small size. Fits in my front pockets (not comfortably) or any small bag. I carried it in my camera bag where a lens would go and the sound was great. great!
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It's a beautiful device with powerful sound in a size that is as portable as they come. Whether I'm using it indoors with the sound low or outside at max volume for a party, the sound is great. The only hitch I've noticed is if the song has a lot of bass and you have it set on a hard surface, people next to the device can slightly notice the device vibrating against the surface. Setup was simple. The included charging mat, while reducing the vibration mentioned above, otherwise seems unnecessary since you can also plug directly into the device. I'm never in such a hurry that I cannot take the 1 extra second to unplug a cord and any time I have the volume turned up loud enough to need the mat, I'm generally not at home where it's kept.