October 10th 2013 1:45 pm

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This review is for the Bose Soundtouch 20. Pretty good bang for the buck as a sound system. I paid about the same for a Jambox speaker only. This would be great for a dorm room or office or any room you listen to music in. Plug it into your computer or laptop with included usb cable for one time set up. Unplug and your ready to go. Once set up, either by ethernet or wifi, it will play Pandora, internet radio, or link to your music library on your computer( it has to be on the same wifi network). You, or anyone on your wifi network can use the airplay feature on their "I"device (phone, pad or pod) to play music wirelessly. As a final resort, one can plug into the back with a a mini pin connector for devices that do not have wifi. The sound deep, bass like a boss. Comes with a remote for volume or choosing input. Like all Bose speakers, it really rocks, Go for the 30 if you have a big space, i haven't ever turned my 20 up full blast . it's plenty loud.
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