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by nitehawk

Best vacation DSLR under $700?
I'm going to Sweden and Iceland this summer. I own the Nikon AW100 and plan on using it for most of my pictures and videos by purchasing another battery and bringing extra memory cards. I'm curious if I should invest in something like a Canon T3i. I've never had a DSLR and the size and cost of the thing scare me for taking on a two week vacation. I've had other point and shoots, but I like the AW100 for the durability.
My questions are:
1. How hard is it to learn how to use the thing? How durable... Read more →

by flyboy2012

Should I Upgrade DSLRs?
I currently use an Olympus E-410 with three lenses and a flash unit. I do mostly air show and racing photography. I've recently been looking at the Canon EOS 60D and the Nikon D7000. Would it be a good idea to upgrade or should I stick with what I have?

by luqven

Canon t4i 18-55 vs 18-135 lens
I'm planning on buying a DSLR for the first time and I've chosen the T4i as my first camera for its obvious superiority with regards to filming than comparable DSLRs. My only concern now is which stock lens to shoot for, the 18-55mm or the 18-135mm. I wouldn't mind savings couple hundred bucks and from what I've read it would be relitively inexpensive for me to buy a longer range lens later on. Should I shell out a couple extra hundred dollars for the 18-135mm, or should I stick to the cheaper...

by brinegaj

Canon 5D trade up
It's about time to look at a trade up from the original 5D to the MKii ... what do you think is a reasonable asking price if I'm trying to sell the old girl to make some money to fund the new purchase? It's in good condition - I've babied it over the last three years I've owned it. Three extra batteries ... all the stuff that came in the box, body only. Also, I totally understand I'm a generation behind, but given the price points, I'm happy to live in the lag.

by mginsburg

What is the best starter DSLR in $500-$750 price range?
I'm looking into getting my first DSLR and I'm trying to pick out which camera to go with. While features are nice, I don't need a surplus of camera features that I will never use. At this point, just enough features to take nice pics with, and to take advantage of what I do have.

Naturally, I'm looking at Nikon and Canon, but still am not sure which of those to go with. Any recommendations?

by alexleonard

Is the f1.2 of the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II USM worth the premium price?
I'm not a professional photographer, but I am thoroughly enjoying taking photographs and have found the Canon 50mm f/1.4 to be a joy to use.
I'm quite interested in the 85mm prime but the mid-range lens, the f/1.8 doesn't offer the same sort of aperture to be found on the 50mm.
Is it worth the extra cash to go for the L series f/1.2 lens. Of course I'm sure that you'll get more than just a wider aperture, the glass quality must be excellent, but it is a big jump in price ($358 -> $2,049).

by LaidBackBay

Any recommendations for a good wireless printer/scanner/copier for grad students?
This is a long read. Feel free to respond to the title question without reading.
My wife and I got an HP Photosmart C4795 something or the other that was on sale at Best Buy 2 years ago. It's the one with the gold/bronze trim and it uses HP 60 ink. It has been a headache from week 1 but, we hesitate to get something else in the same price range to be disappointed again. We are both in grad school, and need to print out papers, journal articles, scan articles, and copy forms. I liked that the HP... Read more →

by odysseus

What SLR should I replace my Rebel XT/350D with?
My lens broke and I have considered upgrading my Rebel XT with the Rebel T3 or possibly the T1i.

The standard kit lens 18-55, is around $150. The thing is the T3 but it's down to $420 on Amazon, a complete steal. I want to eventually move up to a more professional SLR but I am a senior in college with a very limited budget.

How is the T3?

by refractured

Looking for a compact printer. Doesn't have to be quality. Suggestions?
By quality, i mean actual *print* quality doesn't have to be great. I don't print often, and when I do print, its like a concert ticket or something that still requires paper proof. Ideally, I'd like a printer that is the size of the Neat Company's single document scanner. Even if it only printed black and one sheet at a time, then I could store it. So- does anyone have a good suggestion for something that exists now that is close? Hopefully under $100, but willing to pay a bit more than $100 if...

by barry

What's your ecosystem for uploading, editing, backing up and sharing your photos and videos?
It's the time of year for picture and video taking. I'd love to hear how others, especially parents and hobbyists, set up their systems for uploading, editing, sharing, viewing, and backing up their photos and videos? I'm a little all over the place. I did recently buy a WD drive that will share my media across several computers and, ostensibly, over the web. I'm on Flickr and just started using Picasa Web Albums. I'm more interested in sharing and viewing than backing up. Are Flickr and Picasa... Read more →

by doubledollarman

The major difference between a $600 beginner DSLR and a $1400 Intermediate/Pro DSLR
So I walked into Best Buy all set to drop down some benjamins on a Nikon 3100; and the sales guy talked me right out of it... I want to make this into a serious hobby and he stared me clear from any beginner setup from BOTH Canon and Nikon. So... now i'm one confused shopper with a lot of research. Can you guys go down the list of the major difference on a high end DSLR like the Nikon D7000 and the the beginner setups from both top dogs, Canon and Nikon?
Bare with my questions please. I know I... Read more →

by brett

If you could only use one lens with your DSLR, what would it be?
People have very different opinions on what the best all around lens is for a DSLR. What do you think? What lens would you choose if you could only have one?
For myself, I'd go with a 50mm prime (80mm prime when converted to full frame), or Canon's 24-105mm L lens that I wish I owned ( I like using fixed focal lengths because it takes more thought and effort to compose a shot. Obviously using a zoom gives you a lot of added flexibility but I get most... Read more →

by josephholmes

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive Lion-compatible scanner for both flatbed and film?
My old inexpensive Canon 8400F was a great scanner — flatbed for paper, negative holder for film, and it also had software that let it double as a copier. It only did 4800dpi, but that's enough for my needs.

But the drivers aren't Lion compatible, so I'm shopping for a replacement. And the major scanners like the Epson V700 are expensive, in the $500 range. Any bargains out there?

by ArmpitOfDeath

Should I buy a DSLR? If so, what?
So I've been mulling over this for some time. My NEX-5, which is my only interchangeable-lens camera at the moment, is decent. It takes some good pictures in my limited hands, although I'm left often wanting a viewfinder for the sort of picture-taking I do use it for. And to be honest, the vast majority of my picture-taking is done by my compact cameras. So the Sony comes out for 'proper pictures' - such as they are - and I've started to think that I can probably tolerate a bigger camera without... Read more →