February 20th 2010 6:36 pm

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brett brett

This lens has a great size and weight to it that doesn't make it crazy to carry around all day. It takes decent photos especially for how cheap the lens is but the glass definitely isn't as sharp as the more expensive lenses out there. It lasted me through the year that I was living in France and...

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vcarl vcarl

A very good lens for its price, by far the cheapest telephoto I found. I've noticed that it has a lot of vignetting at the longer focal lengths, but Photoshop has a profile that corrects this automatically and satisfactorily. Would be nice if it was a nicer photo pre-editing, but considering...

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sidesw sidesw

This is not the classic general purpose lens. As a beginner in photography I find the image quality much better than the kit lens. It is great as a beginner's telephoto lens, but it wouldn't be well suited for taking pictures of a sensitive animal like a tiger or a deer. It's range can be...

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