June 29th 2009 3:33 am

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by brinegaj

Canon 5D trade up
It's about time to look at a trade up from the original 5D to the MKii ... what do you think is a reasonable asking price if I'm trying to sell the old girl to make some money to fund the new purchase? It's in good condition - I've babied it over the last three years I've owned it. Three extra batteries ... all the stuff that came in the box, body only. Also, I totally understand I'm a generation behind, but given the price points, I'm happy to live in the lag.

by budchawla

Downsizing from a Digital SLR
I have been shooting with the Canon EOS SLR system for several years now and have always been very happy with the cameras, lenses & accessories. However, my choice of activities while travelling now precludes lugging around large camera bags with various lenses and accessories or even just a single large SLR body and lens.
I had all but abandoned my trusty SLR and relegated it to the attic until recently when I took it on a recent trip and rediscovered my fondness for photography, so I have... Read more →