August 26th 2010 4:35 am

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by rcbeiler

Is this a DSLR you can set as a webcam?
I'm looking towards the Canon T3i primarily for making videos on YouTube. I have a Canon Elph 300HS currently, and I was considering this for the next step up. I just recently ruled out the T3 due to the lack of microphone input.
Now this isn't a deal breaker, but I know certain Canon DSLRs can be set as a webcam (to specifiy, I use Windows 7) through the HDMI output. Is that possible with this model? I'd like to use it with Xplit software to stream a live webcast to Ustream. And if it doesn't,... Read more →

by MutinyLoz

I want a simple display with hdmi-in for my Canon 60D DSLR
I keep thinking that if only my iPad had an HDMI input I could use it as a remote monitor for my Digital SLR Canon 60D when filming. There are some 7" screens available but battery and portability is an issue. The size and battery life of the iPad would make it ideal. Maybe the panel manufacturer might make a matching slave display for the iPad that would double up as a simple HDMI monitor??

by brett

Which Canon DSLR should I get?
So, my Canon XSi that served me faithfully for a few years has gone missing. I have absolutely no idea what happened to it because last time I saw it, it was sitting on my couch. Maybe our maintenance guy took it. Whatever the case, I need a new camera. I'd like to upgrade from the XSi and I was wondering what people thought of the 50D vs. the 60D. At this point, I am leaning towards the 50D but there is no really specific reason why that's the case. I'm also considering the 7D, but I have heard... Read more →

by jazzmanmq

Hiking with the Canon 60D
I have a Canon 60D and would like to be able to go on hikes and have my camera safely stored. I have a roomy Camelbak, but i don't feel like just putting my camera in my bag. I've done this and just kept it wrapped up in a sweat shirt. So on my hike I would probably want to pull my camera out, take shots, then put it back. I just like to be able to put it away when it starts to get a little heavy on my neck. Should I take the lens off? Is there a good way to store them for easy access, but also... Read more →

by acaurora

T3i or 60D, or 70D?
I have an aging XSi currently - and don't get me wrong, it works beautifully for what I do, but I am considering upgrading to a newer DSLR for no particular reason. Having looked at the cost differences between the T3i/60D, they seem very minimal - however going with the 60D of course is slightly more substantial offerings, especially with the kit lenses. Would you suggest I upgrade only to the T3i, go full on with the 60D, or wait until the 70D comes out (I'm hearing towards the end of the...