August 26th 2010 4:35 am

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  • Image quality My first DSLR, but absolutely stunning compared to point-and-shoots. Blown away by the upgrade. good
  • Video quality Haven't seen an artefact yet, so no complaints on quality. Would have preferred stereo to mono sound, but sounds decent enough around the house. good
  • Battery life No complaints, and received fair warning when it was getting low. good
  • Design and form factor Pistol grip and texture are good. Plastic is fine. Swing-out screen is fiddly to open. Screen distractingly glossy and smudge-prone but very bright and clear. good
  • Durability No comments
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) Speed and lag seem great to me but it's my first DSLR. good
  • Ease of use Nice UI on the quick menus. Mode wheel has way too many icons on it. To shoot video you have to rotate the wheel a very long way from M - 12 clicks! so-so
Detailed review
Just stunning how much light this sensor can pick up. Shooting at night is now my favourite thing. Plus the stabilization on the kit EFS 18-135mm f:3.5-5.6 IS is absolutely stunning. I'm routinely hand-holding 1/2 second exposures at full zoom with no shake at all. The flip-out screen is big and bright, and the flip-out and rotation are handy for shooting self-portraits and holding the camera high or low.

Cons: Big and heavy with kit zoom; onboard mike only mono; flip-out screen fiddly to swing out, glare-prone due to high gloss, and very smudge-prone; AF as crappy as a point-and-shoot in Movie or Live View mode; kit zoom impossible to zoom smoothly when shooting video; will only shoot 720p at 50 or 60 fps - no option for 25 or 30 fps.

But really these are just nitpicks - this camera is just amazing. No regrets and in fact my cousin played with it and ordered one the next day.