August 26th 2010 4:35 am

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  • Image quality Same image sensor as 7D and T3i. Very good image quality. Low light is much improved over my older XTi. Shots of ISO 3200 are still very usable. great!
  • Video quality No comments great!
  • Battery life You can ALWAYS have better battery life. Especially now that a lot of lenses have battery draining IS built into them. good
  • Design and form factor Stepping up from a Rebel, this fits in my hand much more naturally. great!
  • Durability DigitalRev TV has a very entertaining video on this subject. I never find myself wishing this was made of metal and not plastic. great!
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) The same as any other dSLR I've used. As soon as you flip the switch to "on" you're ready to shoot. great!
  • Ease of use the new d-pad style control is very nice for navigating menus. Dedicated buttons for most settings, and the top LCD make changing shooting settings quick & easy great!
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I upgraded from a Canon XTi (400D) because I wanted something that would perform better in low light (the XTi started showing noise above ISO 400), had HD video recording, and was bigger/better fitting in my hand. I see why people always bring up the micro-adjust as it is disappointing to see Canon remove a feature to something they are clearly marketing as the successor of the 50D (model number alone), but coming from a Rebel that didn't have that feature, and having never used it, its hard for me to "miss" it. Remember though, compared to the 50D the 60D adds some nice features, like video recording, the newer Digic processor, and updated image sensor (and the tilty, swively screen).

Taking pictures with the 60D is fun and engaging. Changing (most) settings is easy and quick. The new d-pad style control is very intuitive and super fast to use. Stepping up from a Rebel, the top LCD panel is a great feature, especially with the dedicated buttons for changing the AF, drive, ISO, and metering. Also stepping up from an older Canon that didn't have Live View shooting, I have found that using live view to zoom in and get pinpoint accurate manual focus is a great feature. I also have found the tilty, swivly screen comes in handy for shooting odd angles in live view. The only hold up you will have is when you decide you want to go from shooting stills in manual or one of the semi-manual modes and want to shoot some video. You have to rotate the mode dial ALL THE WAY around, past all of the (mostly useless to anyone beyond beginner) auto modes to get to the video mode. The mode dial has a button that has to be pressed to change modes, which comes in handy for making sure when your are handling your camera, you don't accidentally switch to a different mode.
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