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  • Image quality Great Quality for an entry level DSLR. good
  • Video quality While no where near the quality of the 5D, it still holds up well and looks great. The option to have the video uncompressed is great too. good
  • Battery life While on vacation, I didn't charge the camera for 3 days and I still had plenty of battery for over 100+ photos (turned off manually when not in use) good
  • Design and form factor Easy to hold and every feature is within reach of your right hand. good
  • Durability Dropped this sucker a few times and it still works flawlessly good
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) The camera is a little slow to start up for my tatses. Wish it was quicker for quick snapshots but good enough for an entry level camera so-so
  • Ease of use Knowing next to nothing about DSLRs, this camera is still pretty easy to get and fun to mess around with. great!
Detailed review
If you know very little about DSLR cameras, this is a great entry level camera. Its upgradeability is keen for those who want a camera to extend beyond their ‘learning phase’. I found it easy to grasp and easy to understand out of the box. If you are comfortable with experimenting, this camera does a pretty good job of having everything out on display for you to enjoy messing around with. It feels sturdy in the hands and comfortable for long holdings. The swivel display is handy for awkward shots or even for self-portraits if you are into that sort of thing. I’d highly recommend this camera for anyone.