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by frankspin

Canon's new ad targets smartphone users, but does it miss the mark?
PetaPixel made a post a few days ago about a tip they got regarding a new Canon ad campaign. In the ads you see someone trying to take a picture with their smartphone, while someone is getting in their face on a phone. In the corner it says "Don't let a call interrupt your photo." Canon's intentions are pretty clear with this ad and they are certainly trying to get the smartphone market to come back to Canon cameras.
One thing I think they're being a little presumptuous about is assuming that a... Read more →

by ArmpitOfDeath

So is it time to have another crack at the 'better-than-S90' compact?
I'm very happy with the Canon S90 from a usability point of view. But I've never been that happy with it from the point of the optics it packs, and the image limitations therefore imposed. Before I switched to the S90, my main 'compacts' were the Leica D-Lux 4 and the M8.2 - both of which were capable of producing excellent photographs (just not apparently in my untalented hands) and neither really suited my needs as a very casual snapper - both just weren't... Read more →