September 14th 2010 2:20 pm

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  • Image quality Only a 4 as JPEG conversion isn't perfect. Raw is stellar... good
  • Video quality Love the video option but seems like more of an afterthought than a planned execution. so-so
  • Battery life Nothing lasts forever... good
  • Design and form factor Love all the dials and knobs. The size is perfect for actual shooting. Fits so nicely in the hand - no cramping or fatigue. great!
  • Durability Haven't dropped it yet...yet. great!
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) Wish there was a setting for 1 sec review of pics after shot taken. good
  • Ease of use I actually like Sony's menu system better but all the buttons and such to push still win out! great!
Detailed review
My first point and shoot and I am thrilled. Small enough to not be a DSLR, large enough to be taken seriously, and enough options to over-all "float my boat" :)