July 6th 2009 1:25 pm

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AndyS AndyS

This has been a very good router until the 1.11 firmware was installed. Now I get daily lockups unless I turn off DNS Relay. Tech support continues to frustrate and deny there is a problem with the firmware even after I linked them to the thread in their own forum where their staff has admitted...

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PegLeg PegLeg

This router has been amazing from the moment I purchased it. On-board software is great, extremely easy to use and update and at the same time it has some very advanced features for the people who like to get their hands dirty. Dual band: Great. I run all of my entertainment and gaming...

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portmanwills portmanwills

I've been through about 15 home routers. Usually I go back to my $500 Cisco. I've had the DIR-825 for about 3 months and it has not yet needed a reboot. I love the wireless performance: not many people realize this, but you can only get 802.11n speeds if EVERY DEVICE on the network is...

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shanv shanv

Even though this is specific to Rev A hardware, d-link has not responded and does not support downgrade, leaving me with a paperweight. For a router of this price, this is unacceptable company support. Apparently the problem is related to the advanced DNS and DNS relay features running out of...

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DaveBG DaveBG

The firmware sucks. The worst firmware i ever had on a router. Everything else is bearable. I hope i can flash it with DD-WRT

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charrion charrion

I finally picked up the DIR-825 and kicked my Linksys/Cisco WRT310N to the curb after finding the 825 on sale at our local Staples and aside from some tense and aggravating moments initially I am very happy with this router. This is the newer revision B1 model and comes stock with version 2.00NA...

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