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by frankspin

Anyway to test if your wiring is suitable for powerline adapters?
I have an office in my place that gets wireless coverage but it's a very weak signal. It's connected via N but because of the signal the speeds are more in line with G and the reliability is unstable. I was going to look into a repeater but I remembered powerline adapters. I know powerline is dependent on the wiring in the house so I was wondering if anyone knew of a test you could do to check if it's a viable option?

by kandekilla

Recommendations for a good apartment wireless router?
My current router is failing big time. Overheating, dropping connections and lots of other not good things. Even going out on my porch I get a huge drop in signal, and the router is just on the other side of the window. Looking for something with external antennae as I am not fond of my current one with internal. Luckily it is deemed a work security thing so I can buy and get reimbursed for a new router from work for up to $100. Everything in my place is gigabit/cat6 that needs to be wired. For...

by SadBoring

Recommendations for a good 5ghz Wireless Bridge?
I'm looking for a good 5ghz wireless bridge with at least three gigabit LAN ports. Currently, my desktop PC and my Synology DiskStation are connected to my Apple AirPort Extreme via a Netgear 5ghz bridge which has two 100mb ports. This means that Internet traffic goes over the 5ghz link but traffic between the two isn't as fast as it could be if the Netgear bridge supported gigabit. What I want is a 5ghz bridge with at least three gigabit ports (I would like the extra one for my MacBook Pro). I...

by brycecampbel

The problem I am having is that the router will not assign IP adresses.
I can add computers and devices to the DCTP Rexervations, but if it is not in the list it will not connect. I can reboot the router and the device will work for a few mintues, but then it quits out. One weird thing is that the device will have an IP address like but the DHCP IP range is only set to to I just got the Google Nexus one and regardless if I add it to the DHCP reverve list or not, it will not connect, it will have an ip address...

by Eddie

I really like the idea of one of the Digital Media Players (or whatever you want to call them).
While I can do all the different parts they enable individually, its a pain in my butt and it would be grrreat if I could have one box attached the TV/interwebs to bring it all together. So basically my question is (now that I've been able to see the BoxeeBox and there is a new Apple TV reported) what, really, is the difference between all the options? It seems like Boxee will offer Hulu but the others wont? I am assuming they all do the job of aggregating your existing media on the... Read more →

by Eddie

I've read that the gains from the 323 aren't enough to warrent any price jump up from the 321...
so I'm pretty sure I am going to go with this NAS. That said, how do those of you who have one like it? I'm not quite sure what "features" I'd want other than RAID1 and being able to have my videos, music, and pictures on it and easily available around the network, but let me know. Also does it work with streaming to the PS3? If I get something like the boxee box will that work too? (total network sharing media noob here :P)

by sam

Boxee Box vs. Popbox: FIGHT!
I am really excited for the release of both of these products. So much so that I can't manage to decide which one I would prefer to own! What do you all think? Is anyone going to go for one of these two options and why? I'm looking to get all the set-top box nerds, as well as the boxee and popcorn hour fanboys (and girls), involved on this one. Tell me why I should go for either one.

by dejitaru

Firmware 1.33NA 1/28/2010
¤ Fixed: Correct HNAP issue. ¤ Fixed: DNS relay issue ( WAN Slowdown ) ¤ Added: Advanced DNS descriptions Im thinking DNS relay issue may resolve the random slowdowns/drops. Only been on it for a couple hours will report back if it resolves said problems after sitting on it for a bit.

by mrredsun

One Xbox 360 keeps the other one from connecting to Xbox Live
I've got two Xbox 360s connected to this router. The primary one is set up through the Gamefuel settings for Xbox Live. The secondary 360 is set up through the virtual server for those same ports. When I turn on the secondary 360 first, it's able to sign onto Xbox Live. After that, when I turn on the primary 360, it is unable to connect to Xbox Live using a different Live account.. Things work just fine when I first turn on the primary 360 and then the secondary 360. Obviously, the... Read more →

by intent

DIR-825 XBOX FIRMWARE FIX! 2.02NA B1 - As of October 28th, 2009
Okay, here is the beta software the nice guys at D-link sent me today to try out. It worked so well for me I thought i would share it around! Works perfectly for xbox, no drops, nothing. I dont have a PS3 so I cant vouch for that. Here ya go, its about 4mb. Instructions for installing are below. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=1d972179458b49a... Firmware Upgrade Instructions - Save the file on your computer - somewhere that can easily be browsed to. - Please... Read more →

by bigfry

Wireless locking up?
Anybody else ever experience lock ups on the wireless only? All the wired computers have perfect connections, but the wireless wacks out. It seems to be worse when it's dark outside. I've tried firmware updates, different wireless channels, hidden SSID. What I can't figure out is why it works during the day, but not at night, there's hardly any other wireless networks around... Any ideas?

by coologuy1957

Buzzing/Humming noise
Sometimes this box will emit a buzzing or humming noise when its busy spinning up the drives. I have to adjust the faceplate to the left or right or pull it down tighter to get it to stop... This is one of the only issues I have with this device... Has anyone else experienced this or know of a way to fix it permanently?

by Link00seven

Wireless 'N' settings
So I just picked up this router on Newegg and set it up. I've noticed that I have really good speed (via speedtest.net) when I use the "Mixed 802.11g & 802.11b" settings. (Around 14-15Mbps, which is what I have from my ISP). However, once I try to throw N into the equation, (either Mixed 802.11g & 802.11n, 802.11n only, or Mixed 802.11n, 802.11g, & 802.11b) the speed suffers to as low as 2-4Mbps. I'm trying to use the current settings: Mixed 802.11n & 802.11g... Read more →

by tahksik

Does anyone have the problem where the router has to manually unplugged and then plugged back in every so often before you can actually get online? 'cause I do and it's starting to piss me off. I'm considering getting a new router because this is just a load of bull