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by frankspin

Anyway to test if your wiring is suitable for powerline adapters?
I have an office in my place that gets wireless coverage but it's a very weak signal. It's connected via N but because of the signal the speeds are more in line with G and the reliability is unstable. I was going to look into a repeater but I remembered powerline adapters. I know powerline is dependent on the wiring in the house so I was wondering if anyone knew of a test you could do to check if it's a viable option?

by kandekilla

Recommendations for a good apartment wireless router?
My current router is failing big time. Overheating, dropping connections and lots of other not good things. Even going out on my porch I get a huge drop in signal, and the router is just on the other side of the window. Looking for something with external antennae as I am not fond of my current one with internal. Luckily it is deemed a work security thing so I can buy and get reimbursed for a new router from work for up to $100. Everything in my place is gigabit/cat6 that needs to be wired. For...

by SadBoring

Recommendations for a good 5ghz Wireless Bridge?
I'm looking for a good 5ghz wireless bridge with at least three gigabit LAN ports. Currently, my desktop PC and my Synology DiskStation are connected to my Apple AirPort Extreme via a Netgear 5ghz bridge which has two 100mb ports. This means that Internet traffic goes over the 5ghz link but traffic between the two isn't as fast as it could be if the Netgear bridge supported gigabit. What I want is a 5ghz bridge with at least three gigabit ports (I would like the extra one for my MacBook Pro). I...

by DodgerWA

Looking for a good home router recommendation - primarily, right now, ability to manually define more than 2 DNS servers.
I'm using a Netgear router that I'm growing increasingly unhappy with. In general it works fine, but I'm a power user with several devices (incl. multiple full computers) on our network and self-installed CAT6A cabling through the house. The most recent frustration is its limited configuration ability - specifically, I want to define more than two DNS servers. (Yes, I know I can bypass the router and do this at each machine, but I'd rather avoid that management overhead if I...

by dalhectar

How do these two devices compare in terms of in terms of UI, speed, responsiveness, meta data support, reliability, and codec support?
*.mkv with h.264 and/or VC1 video with AC3/DTS sound. do either support HD lossless codecs in *.mkv embedded and/or external subtitles in *.Mkv and *.mp4/*.m4v -*.srt subtitles -*.idx & *.sub subtitles *.m4v with h.264 video and ac3 sound In terms of WAF, which of these 2 work better? Which one means less headaches and a better "just works" approach. For our use, streaming video is a wash since we have a Bu-Ray player that handles our preferred streaming service, NetFlix. It it...

by userd4c0d095d2b

Can I flawlessly watch VIDEO_TS rips?
I have just one question, and it's a really really simple one. I hope the answer is simple too. I just want to know this: Will this device allow me to play VIDEO_TS rips from all of my DVDs? With menus, subtitles, alternate languages, and other DVD features? Without bugginess or conversion? That's basically 75% of what I want from a set top box. I am so tired of using Windows Media Center on my terrible laggy laptop across the room with a 20 ft VGA cable. This really shouldn't be...

by ChronoMac

I need a NAS solution for my apartment that works with my 13" Unibody Macbook Pro, my roommate's old Sony laptop running Vista, and my PS3.
It would also be nice if it streamed to my iPhone 4 as well. The main purpose would be to stream music and HD movies (MKV and converted MP4, 720p and 1080p). My PS3 is on a wired connection to my existing old Dlink router and our laptops connect wirelessly. My current process is to enable file sharing on my Macbook, then connect to that IP address through my PS3's web browser and transfer the files before I can watch them. Not only is it slow, but it takes up precious space on the... Read more →

by brycecampbel

The problem I am having is that the router will not assign IP adresses.
I can add computers and devices to the DCTP Rexervations, but if it is not in the list it will not connect. I can reboot the router and the device will work for a few mintues, but then it quits out. One weird thing is that the device will have an IP address like but the DHCP IP range is only set to to I just got the Google Nexus one and regardless if I add it to the DHCP reverve list or not, it will not connect, it will have an ip address...

by Eddie

I really like the idea of one of the Digital Media Players (or whatever you want to call them).
While I can do all the different parts they enable individually, its a pain in my butt and it would be grrreat if I could have one box attached the TV/interwebs to bring it all together. So basically my question is (now that I've been able to see the BoxeeBox and there is a new Apple TV reported) what, really, is the difference between all the options? It seems like Boxee will offer Hulu but the others wont? I am assuming they all do the job of aggregating your existing media on the... Read more →

by Eddie

I've read that the gains from the 323 aren't enough to warrent any price jump up from the 321...
so I'm pretty sure I am going to go with this NAS. That said, how do those of you who have one like it? I'm not quite sure what "features" I'd want other than RAID1 and being able to have my videos, music, and pictures on it and easily available around the network, but let me know. Also does it work with streaming to the PS3? If I get something like the boxee box will that work too? (total network sharing media noob here :P)