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by ZHDTester

Question about Dell Dimension 5150 and Wifi connectivity.
I've been using my Dell Dimension 5150 with XP SP3 upstairs for awhile now, for stuff not on the family computer, like Photoshop and others. But I've reluctantly tried getting the wireless to connect. I've been unfortunate. I use an ethernet cable connected to a Linksys Wireless G Range Extender. It's worked before, but now that I've upgraded my wifi to WPA2, I tend to wonder if that's the problem. And if so, are there any drivers/solutions out there that could fix this problem? Thanks.

by DhaatuPramukh

I've uprgraded my laptop's RAM to 6GB but when I checked properties of my system it says only 3Gb is usable. Why is that happening?
I have a Dell Inspiron N4030. It came with 2GB of RAM and is upgradeable up to 6GB. I brought a Transcend 4GB DDR3 RAM and installed it. I checked BIOS of my computer and it shows that total RAM installed is 6GB but when I check system properties it says 6GB RAM is installed but only 2.99 GB is usable. Why is that Happening? Is there anyway through which I can increase the usable RAM?

by alexmuller

Are there any high resolution desktop displays?
Almost five years ago, Jeff Atwood wrote "Where Are The High Resolution Displays?":
Brian Lam's The Wirecutter thinks that the best desktop display available now is the Dell Ultrasharp U2412M, which has just 94 PPI, less than my 13" MacBook Pro at 116 PPI.
iOS retina displays have got me thinking:
1. What is the highest resolution (or best high PPI) desktop display available now?
2. Is any progress being made in... Read more →

by foxmental

Can anyone help me find a laptop with these specs?
I'm looking for a laptop. But here's what I'm looking for:
These are a must:
at least 1 USB 3.0 port but must have at least 2 usb ports
An HDMI port (In and out if possible
touch screen (possibly a convertible laptop) and a camera (for video chat. i don't plan on sing this for photography. it looks stupid)
Can't be over 14 in in width, High-Res Display.
Optical drive not necessary. looking for a thin laptop.
Core i5 or i7 cpu, max out ram at 8 GB (can't sit pretty t 4 gb or ram)
1 gb... Read more →

by kristaescobar

What is the best tablet to use for PowerPoint presentations?
[I would prefer an Android-based tablet since I'm already familiar with that platform.]

By "best tablet" I mean, which is the most reliable and intuitive device for running PowerPoint? What about connecting the tablet to a projector? Do they all have mini HDMI? Of course I wouldn't be designing the presentations on the tablet, simply running them.

Thoughts? Any help is appreciated!

by RohitK

Are There Any Decent Touchscreen Laptops Out There Yet?
I'm in the market for a new laptop after three years. Now I'm the kinda guy who doesn't mind spending a couple hundred dollars more right now to get something that seems like overkill at the present, so long as it keeps me chugging along at a decent pace for two or three years. Basically, I don't like to throw down money for a new gadget every year.
This brings me to my question: Are there any decent touchscreen laptops available these days? I ask because it's patently obvious that that's the... Read more →