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The Dell UltraSharp U2412M is one of the sharpest 24-inch monitors available for the money, with great contrast and accurate color reproduction, not to mention wide viewing angles and a solid range of ports (including DVI, DisplayPort, VGA and five USB ports). The monitor has a sturdy base with full tilt, swivel and height-adjustment options, and you can switch from portrait to landscape orientation by turning the monitor, a feature we wish was available on more displays. While it lacks the memory card reader and HDMI port of the higher-end U2410, it also sells for $200 less, making it our all around top pick.

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The Wirecutter Nov 3, 2011

By nearly all accounts, Dell's UltraSharp monitors look very, very good. And they're IPS panels, meaning they'll look great from any angle. They've got a nice sturdy build, and the displays can be positioned just so, with adjustable height, tilt, swivel and pivot.

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CNET Mar 2, 2012

It includes a great list of ergonomic features, plenty of useful OSD customizations, and good performance at a great price. ... while it won't quite match high-end monitors in viewing angle performance, most users wouldn't even notice the difference.

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PC Mag Apr 27, 2012

The Dell UltraSharp U2412M is a feature-rich 24-inch monitor offering beautiful color reproduction and great off-angle viewing but its dark grayscale performance falls a bit short.

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AnandTech Feb 28, 2012

Viewing angles are good, I still like the adjustability of the Dell stand, and the larger work area made for a good combination.

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TechRadar Sep 16, 2011

Is it worth paying more for all the IPS niceties then? When they come in a package like this Dell U2412M, absolutely... That makes the U2412M a winner. It's a well-built, affordable and adjustable IPS panel.

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TFT Central Aug 24, 2011

If you looking for a good all round screen then this would be a great choice, and in my opinion makes another great addition to Dell's monitor range.

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Fernandez21 Fernandez21

I'm using this monitor as an external monitor for my 2011 Macbook Air 11", and it works great. I have an external hard drive, superdrive, and audio port hooked up to three of the USB ports on the monitor with a mini display port to display port cable for video, and apple bluetooth keyboard and...

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H3rBz H3rBz

Incredible sharpness and decent colour reproduction. The 16:10 ratio is also great giving you more usable vertical space. Only complaint is the lack of HDMI port. This is a great monitor at a good price for those concerned with colour accuracy while on a budget. Photographers, graphic designers...

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Gofake1 Gofake1

Colors are very accurate, and there is fine-grained control for brightness and contrast. The build quality is pretty good for this price.

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Premist Premist

I bought this monitor for my design things, and it works well with my MacBook Pro 15" w/ DisplayPort. First time I tried to buy Apple Cinema Display, but this one is much more cheaper and efficient.

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ArmpitOfDeath ArmpitOfDeath

Since this has to be one of the most reviewed monitors out there, I won't go into detailed ramblings but one thing is worth noting for those like us who buy these (and the 2212) for quad-and-beyond setups. Compared to the the previous generation Dell monitors, and indeed 24" monitors in...

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