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At just $179, the budget-friendly Venue 8 may meet your needs -- as long as you don't set the bar too high. The 8-inch, 1280 x 800 screen doesn't stand up well against some of the better Android tablets, but CNET says "HD video still looked clear and sharp." The Venue 8 is also well designed in spite of its price, with PC Mag noting that its "squared-off edges" make the buttons "easy to access," and the weight is evenly distributed, making the Venue 8 something you can "carry with you throughout your day," according to Android Central. Unfortunately, battery life isn't great and Mashable says it "completely fails," eking out only 7.5 hours in their tests.

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Laptop Magazine Nov 15, 2013

The Venue 8 is definitely a better value than its smaller 7-inch brother, the $149 Venue 7. You get an hour longer battery life, a brighter and bigger screen and a faster processor, all for just $30 more.

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PC Mag Dec 2, 2013

Dell's Venue 8 would be an adequate entry-level Android tablet a few months ago, but it's completely outmatched by the competition.

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CNET Nov 15, 2013

The Dell Venue 8 is like a wedding singer that meets its audience's basic requirements, but lacks any extra bravado or charisma to truly floor you. Yep, the Venue 8 is no Beyonce, but with a $179 price, fine performance, and a no-frills design, it doesn't have to be.

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Mashable Nov 27, 2013

Even though Dell's Venue 8 tablet undercuts similar 8-inch offerings from Apple and Samsung by more than $100, its oddly overly-sensitive touch screen, nearly useless camera and short battery life result in a magnificent misfire.

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Android Central Nov 27, 2013

The Venue 8 is a well-built tablet featuring a stock Android experience that performs remarkably well. Its specs might not be on the cutting edge, but for $180, the Venue 8 is a great choice for the first-time buyer.

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Digital Trends Nov 27, 2013

Dell comes back to the Android tablet world with the $180 Venue 8. It's not groundbreaking or flashy but offers decent enough performance and build quality for a reasonable price.

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product preview
Engadget Oct 2, 2013

Each [Venue 7 and Venue 8] has a 1,280 x 800 IPS screen and a 2GHz dual-core Intel Z2580 processor. The Venue 7 only has 16GB of internal storage, we're told, though the Venue 8 will be offered with either 16 or 32 gigs.

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product preview
CNET Oct 2, 2013

Obviously, tablets have come a long way since the Streak 7. These aren't high-end world-beaters, but Dell seems to have at least caught up with the rest of the market.

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product preview
Techno Buffalo Oct 2, 2013

The design is fine, falling short ... though we’d say it’s on par with Samsung’s mid-sized Android slates. The display offers the exact same resolution as the Venue 7, making it feel a tiny bit stretched, though not noticeably so, but that’s definitely going to be noticeable.

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trobbins3710 trobbins3710

For the price I couldn't find a better 8 inch tablet. Seemed to take forever for Dell to finally ship it, but I purchased two for the family and we're very happy in all respects. It's snappy, throws video with Chromecast to the TV flawlessly. Battery seems to run down faster than expected,...

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hailstormknight hailstormknight

The Dell Venue 8 (Android) is, by majority, a very average tablet. Compared to higher end tablets, this could leave you with a lot to be desired. However, the price made it very temping to someone like me, who was looking for a cheap tablet I could read e-books/textbooks on and do simple tasks...

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