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by linudyna

Looking for a battery for laptop
I am looking for a new battery for my laptop DELL XPS 13-L321X. I saw on site that have a number of species, those in my laptop? Such as http://www.ndbatteria.com/dell-xps-13-l321x.html .And what are the differences in capabilities expressed in time about?

by prompt

Ivy Bridge refresh?
Anybody have an idea when this will be upgraded to Ivy Bridge? Tt has been months and their recent 14 and 15" already leapfrogged it to Ivy Bridge. If it comes out, I plan on getting one..

by kevindublin

What is the best Ultrabook?
With every company and its dog making an ultrabook, which would you say is the all-round best? Taking in the factors of battery life, size, SSD and price, which trumps the rest? I've heard good things about Dell's and Toshiba's efforts, but I need your help in crowning a champion!

by Vinnymac

Looking to buy an Ultrabook, some advice?
I have been looking at ultrabooks and prices.
So far the ones I am interested in the most are as follows:
ASUS Zenbook UX31E-XH71
HP Folio 13
Apple Macbook Air
Dell XPS 13
Lenovo Ideapad Yoga
Should I wait to see what the market does for Ultrabooks?
Some of these devices aren't even out yet, which is a downer. But will it be worth the wait?
If you have used any of these devices, what is something you specifically love about the device?
Any other advice/tips are appreciated, thank you.
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