November 10th 2013 5:03 pm

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  • Speed and features No comments great!
  • Design and form factor The Industrial Design and form factor are fantastic! though I do wish some attention was paid to the power brick. some parting lines were loose. good
  • Battery life No comments
  • Display No comments great!
  • Durability My XPS 15 arrived with a broken hinge and messy parting lines poor
  • Expandability No comments
  • Noise a little loud when playing Civ 5 so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments good
Detailed review
I'll start by saying my review is not about the system; in that regard, this computer is a beast! The touch screen laptop combo is an innovation that makes it hard to go back to non touch computing. (I'm looking at you apple)

This review is about the user experience of owning this product and some of the headaches you might face.

First day out of the box and one of the hinges was already loose, squeaking and jiggling all over the place - two hours later it was broken. The parting lines where the aluminum meet the carbon or plastic are weak and already splitting apart. The right hand corner has a gap of about .1 inches' wide enough to let you see into the machine
The laptop aims for a premium look, which I think it achieves thanks to the designers at MNML, but on closer inspection, that illusion falls apart - literally. it's a fragile device which suffers from poor assembly execution.

After dealing with Dell on the phone, they sent a tech to replace the broken parts (I wanted them to send a new laptop) The tech repaired the computer after a lengthy operation that involved swapping every component out and relocating it to a brand new XPS 15 shell with monitor. The tech confirmed my suspicions; the computer was poorly assembled, as evident by stripped screws and broken plastic bosses.

Unfortunately, the repair parts Dell sent the tech were in an even worse state than my original parts. a broken monitor with no touch support or network connectivity, and a broken track pad. I became frustrated when yet again, Dell insisted on sending a new tech to repair the, machine instead of replacing my laptop, so I demanded a refund. A fact that makes me sad, because I really wanted to like this computer

I understand that this problem might be unique to me. If it is, then I absolutely would recommend this machine, that is if you can deal with Dells poor user experience.

for the brief time I owned this machine, it was fantastic.
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