August 30th 2012 9:52 am


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by electrodude1029

New Dell XPS 12 or Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13
I now have a Lenovo Ideapad yoga 13. I saw the New Dell XPS 12 and wanted it.
What the XPS has that the Yoga doesn't:
  • Backlit keyboard
  • fan that isn't always on
  • 4th generation Intel processor
  • battery indicator light on side.
  • tablet mode that doesn't expose the keyboard.
  • higher resolution display
What the Yoga has that the XPS doesn't:
  • thinner
  • bigger screen
  • full HDMI port
Just so you know, I don't ever use the HDMI port. What would you do? I am a Freshman in high school. I will use it to type homework... Read more →

by marc

Is the Surface Pro worth over $1,000?
Microsoft has announced pricing for the upcoming Surface with Windows 8 Pro, which is expected to ship in January ( The new tablet will sell for $899 with a 64GB SSD, and $999 with 128GB. A keyboard, such as Microsoft's Touch model, will cost extra. How does this compare to other Windows 8 tablets? Lenovo's... Read more →

by mbrazle

Windows 8 Hybrid
I've got a HP Elitebook 2740 that had Windows 7. When 8 came out I upgraded. So my laptop is also one of the first Windows 8 hybrid PCs. The Elitebook is a convertible, so it opens like a normal laptop (12.1" screen), and you can swivel the screen and fold it flat to make a tablet. The reason I like mine so much is because it has both the multi-touch screen (a feature that isn't entirely useful in Windows 7) AND it has a stylus (for artistic stuff and handwriting recognition which is cool and... Read more →

by marc

Will touchscreens become a standard feature on laptops?
As we've just seen from IFA 2012, a lot of manufacturers will be rolling out touchscreen laptops (and a few desktops) in the coming months, including Dell, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo and Acer. These new models will, of course, be tied to the launch of the touch-friendly Windows 8 operating system, and will also compete against Microsoft's own Surface tablets.
While some of the new models will run the scaled-down Windows RT, and will be more... Read more →