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excessivesmoke excessivesmoke

Don't get me wrong, I am more than satisfied with this notebook. The second-generation Intel Core i7-2720QM is blazing when you need it to be, and easy on power when you're just checking mail. I admire the design of this laptop, unlike most other notebooks on the market. The audio is overkill in...

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Blogomattic Blogomattic

Having had it for two weeks and using it daily for work, play, and entertainment I am very happy with the machine. Blu-ray performance is outstanding, gaming performance on World of Warcraft and Civilization V is brilliant, and the sound quality is unbelievable. The trade off being weight and...

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acarde acarde

This is my 2nd XPS. My first one finally kicked the bucket after 5 years. These things aren't supposed to last 3 years. But before it did die, the thing was probably still faster than what you have. I loved that machine and was emotional when it died. But this is my baby now. I've had it...

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kynatro kynatro

This is an upgraded Dell XPS15 with 8GB of RAM, the second generation Intel i7-2720QM CPU clocked at 2.20Ghz and the 2GB nVidia GT540M video card. I also upgraded to the Hi-Def 1920x1080 screen because honestly, who can really work/play on a 1366x768 screen? With the upgraded hardware this...

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