October 2nd 2011 6:42 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by kris

My Fitbit Ultra doesn't charge when it's on the charger anymore
Sometimes I'll remember to put it on the charger, or I'll get one of those emails pestering me to charge my Fitbit Ultra. But either way, I'll put it on the charger, and then it won't charge. I suspect the issue is that after two years of being clipped on and off my clothes regularly, that the Fitbit no longer "squeezes" the charger like it used to. My solution has been to put an elastic hair tie around the charger and slide the Fitbit in whenever I need a charge. It seems to work but it's an... Read more →

by tyankou

Setting up Fitbit Ultra on Macbook Air?
Hi everyone, I had recently gotten my mom a Fitbit Ultra for Mother's Day and we're having trouble setting it up on her Macbook Air. 1. Clicking "Next" on the personal information screen does nothing. 2. Even after that works, I am aware that it will ask her to plug the Fitbit on its base into her computer, which is a problem since it has no USB port. Is there a fix for problem 1 and a workaround for problem 2? Thanks.

by KenBarrango

Using the Fitbit while at the gym
I was wondering what people's experiences were with the Fitbit at the gym? I'm wondering because I generally spend an hour a day on the elliptical, and was curious as to how the Fitbit counts that. Does it count it just as steps, or does the motion of the elliptical make the altimeter think you are climbing some stairs? What other behaviors have you noticed while at the gym?

by mburstiner

Anyone have this after owning a Fitbit Ultra?
I can tell from the comparison that the Ultra is actually for feature packed, but this thing looks better & I lost my Fitbit because of the clip form factor. I'd be much less likely to lose a bracelet. Anyone have experience with both? Also, the lack of Android app for Fuel is holding me back right now.

by Crave4iT

Is making the iPhone App US only a good choice?
I really want to be able to log my Fitbit stuff on the go. So far you can do a little bit from their mobile website, but the App looks awesome.
Unfortunately I live in Denmark so any link to the App is worthless.

Come on Fitbit, get it international.

(Next is the fact that you need it to be translated. But thats a whole other can of worms)

by alexmuller

What is it about $100 fitness tech that makes it so hard to ship outside the US?
I asked this question jokingly on Twitter the other day, but I'm curious as to whether anybody has any real answers.
Why do neither the Fitbit or Jawbone Up ship outside the US/Canada? What is it about the technology (if it is the technology that's the problem) that makes it so difficult? All I can guess is that it's the wireless radios that might cause a holdup in international availability.
(It's worth noting that since I posted this question, the Jawbone Up has become available in Apple Stores...

by ranhalt

Has anyone made the perfect health gadget yet?
I'm still undecided which health gadget to get, and you know that with Christmas (food) and New Year's (as in "resolution to get healthy") around the corner, the choices are only getting harder. A year ago, I would have just thought that Fitbit was the answer. Low profile and detailed metrics is definitely the key to putting the thing on, but now that there are so many different products that have different features, it seems like an over saturated market, yet no single product has that magic... Read more →

by frankspin

Do you think the pricing on the Motoactv is justified compared to other products out there?
With a ton of similar products on the market do you think the MotoActv is priced right or is too high? There are devices like the FitBit that are pedometers on steroids but then there are devices like the Nike+ Watch that are more in line with the Actv. Depending on your activity level I guess will dictate how much you want out of one of these devices but I just feel at $250 it's a bit too high, I think if they came in right at $200 they'd be more reasonable.

by hopthewake

How many days worth of data does the fitbit ultra hold?
I keep my charger base for my fitbit ultra at work. It makes the most sense because I am at my desk 5 days a week when at home I may not use my PC daily. However as the weekend gets closer, I am curious if I can go two days without syncing.

Does anyone know how many days data the fitbit ultra can hold?

by connorg

My Fitbit is acting very strangely. Any suggestions?
I've only had it since last Wednesday, but my Fitbit has been acting strangely. It seems to switch itself in to activity mode without me pressing anything. On Friday, for a while I noticed that when I pressed the button once it wouldn't respond, and if I pressed it a couple more times it would eventually display "Start" and go to activity mode. Pressing once more would display "Stop", even though I was only doing a short press. After doing this for a while, it reset itself (displayed "Fitbit... Read more →