October 2nd 2011 6:42 pm

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  • Durability i wish the top of the arch was stronger some times when i slide it into its sleeve to sleep or it get caught on my pocket i feel it may break. good
  • Portability Once of the things that makes the device great is you can clip on almost any where is slip it into a pocket great!
  • Ease of use you have one button that does it all. which does it make it easy but i think 2 buttons that were flush i would have preferred. good
  • Design and form factor its small easy to use and easy to wear, and most of all it doesn't get in the way for this type of device that's ideal. great!
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Overall the Fitbit Ultra is a nice device. I use it to track my daily activity throughout the day. It has done a good job of tracking my climbs up the stairs at work or at my building when I get home. It only seems to track steps up which i guess makes sense.

The motivational or supportive messages are something i think are cute but they don't really provide me any things because for me the device is not something i am usually looking at to see them. i tend to clip it on in the morning and I’m done till the end of the day with it.

I do use the mobile webpage to enter what i am eating throughout the day and once I started adding food to my favorites I have found it a lot easier and quicker to use. My only complaint about this is that since it’s a mobile webpage you can’t access it when not on line.

Do I think the Fitbit Ultra is a must have device? not really the original worked great and other than tracking my steps I have not seen anything that really makes it a must get upgrade. But since it’s the same price as the original I would definitely go with the Ultra over the original.
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