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by frankspin

Navigation options for the iPhone?
My wife switched from the OG Droid to the iPhone 4 a couple months back. The biggest thing she's missing is Google Maps + Navigation. The maps software built into iOS is ok but only when we need simple walking directions or just quick look up. I know there are app options but the cost of some make think twice about trying them out.
Has anyone used any of the paid options and if so what were your impressions?

by chriscross

I got one of these second hand today but unfortunately, no box, cable or manual. Now the manual I got off the Garmin website not a problem, but what I was hoping people could help me with is, what cable is best to get for this, and where from? I live in the UK, so and if you're gonna suggest them ;). I assume it's going to have to be a USB cable, so can anyone recommend software I can use with the eTrex Legend and the USB cable, Windows as well as Mac if anyone...

by hwiguna

What is your opinion on Juction View?
A lot of the Garmin models have Lane Assist (showing which lane you need to be instead of general "keep left"), but only a few Garmin models have Junction View (simulated highway signs showing which exit to take). To those of you who has used Junction View on the 1390T, what do you think of Junction View in real use? I've read on one of the reviews that it was annoying because there is no way to disable the feature. On all the marketing materials, junction view is shown as taking... Read more →

by rsmliu

Touch screen blues?
This is my first standalone GPS unit I've actually owned. Anyone else having trouble with an unresponsive/inaccurate touch screen? It's much more accurate when I use the erase-end of a pencil, but hopeless using my pointer finger. Thoughts? Fixes?

by goombakid

Taking longer to find Satellites...
Just recently, my nuvi 200W has been taking a long time to find GPS satellites. It used to take no more than 2 minutes waiting still, but now it takes at least 7 to 10 minutes to find them. I've had no problems with it until now, and I've been using it for at least 2 years now. Anything, stopping short of buying a new one or a used one, I can do?

by Brinnt

Powering up
I have had the Garmin for about a month. Seems to work fine until the other day it would not power up unless I removed one of the batteries and reinstalled it. Most of the time this works but sometimes I have to repeat the battery remove install a couple time. Now I need to have it powered to connect USB to the Mac. Just wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem?

by RickP

Does this baby work in Canada?
Does anyone know if the generally available commercial version of the Garmin Nuvi 200W works in Canada? Do you have to buy/download maps for Canada? Leaving tomorrow morning for trip and need quick response for GDGT community. Thanks in advance.

by peterdeg

Ver. 3.90 released Mar 18, 2008 available from Change History [since v3.10] - Copied from the Garmin site, check there for the most recent info. Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.90: * Updated WAAS. * Updated GEOID model. Changes made from version 3.60 to 3.70: * Changes to support manufacturing. Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60: * Added RCV_CPO support. * Added Croatian language support. * Updated various translations.... Read more →

by RandomRage

My Garmin needs an old priest and a young priest...
Does anyone else ever get the occasional glitch with this model where it will suddenly start spouting gibberish that sounds a little bit like it's become possessed instead of reading the proper street names and directions? It's usually fixable with a quick mute/unmute or reboot, but it was really unnerving the first time it happened.

by zolw

How to reset the GPS to the original maps
I have the gps but I don't have the original software anymore (don't know where I place it) and my kid erased all the info when it was connected to the pc. So I need to download the original software / maps. Any help.???? From the Garmin web page I can't dowload it since it says I have to pay again for the original maps and it costs $99 USD