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  • Ease of use Very easy to set up and use just the way you'd like it. great!
  • Speed Pretty quick, although I've had some problems using the multitasking button and there can be some home screen lag depending on how many apps you have. good
  • Configurability Not much to say here, it has standard Android configurability, which is generally better than iOS. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) Still wishing it had a comparable app ecosystem to iOS. It's just not even close. so-so
  • Openness As with all Android releases, you can "hack" it to your heart's content. great!
Detailed review
Ice Cream Sandwich, for me, is a step or two ahead of iOS. It's not much, but it's the reason I opted for the Nexus over the 4S. The OS is just more advanced at this point. It's easy to use, but a little laggy at times (due mainly to the way the Android OS handles rendering priority), and just feels more futuristic than iOS at this point.

I can definitely see iOS catching up and surpassing ICS with 6.0, though. There aren't too many improvements that need to be made for it to take the lead again in my book.