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by GregOnslaught

Google Music in Canada
I'm not sure if this is a common opinion but I'd like to find out: if Google Music was fully available in Canada and was competitive with iTunes Match I would have an Android phone. I wouldn't even have to think twice about it. However as it stands I'm simply too invested in the Apple ecosystem with an iTunes music library over 100GB which I access using iTunes Match everyday on my 64GB 4S on an unlimited data plan (I keep about 20-30GB on the phone and stream the rest). If I could do this on an... Read more →

by frankspin

What are your favorite alternatives to Android's default apps?
One of the strongest features with Android is the ability to set third party apps to be the default app of choice for certain actions. Don't like using Hangouts? Install Textra and you're good to go. Need more features from your camera? Don't worry because CameraZoomFX has loads more.
Today on Engadget we offered up some of the best alternatives to default apps... Read more →

by frankspin

How do you handle tracking your daily routines and journaling?
Something that I have been trying to get into more is logging daily activities, work related duties, photos and just general journaling. This has become far easier thanks to smartphones and there is no shortage of tools to make this possible. I have a few different ones that I use to accomplish specific tasks, but I'm always open to hear how other people go about handling their daily journaling.
  • Daily Journal - I can't speak highly enough of DayOne and everything it...
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by adjacency

Possible Verizon Nexus 5
The team behind Field trip is at Google. On this post on their G+ page I noticed that the Nexus 5 in the picture has a 4G LTE indicator in its statusbar that's only found on Verizon phones. With the Nexus 7 now available on Verizon this could be evidence the N5 is on its way too. https://plus.google.com/112037021176201752867/post...

by Halifax50

On the Nexus 7 3g and 2013 Lte version SMS is disabled. Overnight we have lost the ability to send SMS messages. This worked on Jelly Bean. So those of us who paid extra to be able to use a sim card and have happily used Sms have had an important feature removed. I can no longer sign up to use a banking service as it requires authentication via a sent and received Sms for example. Sadly Google are ignoring the complaints of many customers and not acknowledging the issue even though it has been... Read more →

by swin1974

What's your most effective and satisfying app experience?
I have bitched and complained about iTunes a lot. But I have to say some apps just deliver a cool experience. Like iMovie on iOS. iMovie on the iPhone or IPad, is quick, fun and easy to use. Slow motion is cool too. I make simple 2 or 3 minute videos with music and effects of my 3 yr old son enjoying a snow day or learning to ride a bike and share them with family on Vimeo, iMovie Theater, or Google+ Also, I started the year wanting to get healthy, so I bought a Fitbit Force, began faithfully... Read more →

by chaitu9speaks

android 5.0
since google has not released any update after kitkat,we are briefing when we can expect the next update may be "key lime pie".well,to name the next update as 5.0,google has to do something like revolutionise its own OS to the next level.unless they are not able to do it,they can't name it as 5.0 .The main reason for it is if we rewind the history of android we can identify that google had brought a lot of change from cupcake to eclair to jellybean.whenever they beleived that they had done... Read more →

by peterto

Context sensitive vibrations in Android?
I recently switched back to Android from an iPhone and one thing that I found really useful when using the iPhone was that my phone would vibrate differently if I had an email vs an SMS/phone call. It would allow me to just know whether or not I should check my phone for an SMS/phone call or ignore my phone if it was an email and check it on my computer. Is there anyway I can do this with Android or the Moto X specifically?

by ilovemy911

Google Drive .GIF Issues
I recently purchased a Nexus 5 and, for some reason, .GIF files will not animate via the Google Drive application. Oddly enough, they work just fine if I access my drive from within Chrome. Whenever I try to view .GIFs, I get an "animated image could not be loaded" error.
I have tried clearing the cache and the app data and I have tried both the updated and non-updated version of the app.
Despite a thorough search of the good, old interwebs, I haven't encountered anything concerning this issue....

by johncolucci

What do you think of Engadget Mini?
As you might have heard, Engadget Mini is now available for download in the iOS and Google Play store as well as on the web. As our Executive Editor Marc Perton explained that Mini "...is an app that features headlines from Engadget; the best of our social media content from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other sources; exclusive headlines, photos, and videos; and our picks for the best tech news from around the web and the social universe."
We'd like you to try out Mini and tell us what you... Read more →

by JasonTsay

"The iPad is just a big iPod touch"
That’s the line that went around a few years ago when the first iPad was announced. As time has gone by and I’ve given the matter more thought, I realize those people were right.
As phones get larger and larger ( 3.5" iPhone -> 5.7" Galaxy Note 3) and tablets get smaller and smaller (10" iPad -> 7" Nexus 7), it becomes more evident to me that they’re essentially the same product category.
Think about it - for every iPad app, you could have a smaller version on the iPhone that does the... Read more →

by xVxM4tthewxVx

Your Favorite Mobile OS?
The mobile phone market is huge, with phones varying in size and shape. And each phone has a little something about it that everybody likes. But you wouldn't be able to do anything on that phone without an OS. There are so many mobile OSs out right now. Each OS has something Special, and i want to know what your favorite features on those OSs are. Is there anything thats missing in the OS. Want a new feature?
Post your ideas in the comments!
Be sure to check the Product tags above for a list of...

by johnmara

Cubot GT99 what do you think about this smartphone ?

I am thinking to buy Cubot GT99. and before i do that, please tell me what do you think about it ? I was looking for some info on google and found this nice review http://www.imgspirit.com/cubot-gt99-review/
it is very cheap and have aslo good tech specs.

I look forward to your opinion

Thank you

by DaBash

Which SMS app are you using to replace Hangouts?
I just got my Nexus 5 and I did not like the idea of having my hangout conversations being mixed with my text messages. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. So I decided to download an alternative SMS app and I believe the 8sms is the best app out there right now. It looks just like the original stock messaging app.

Here's the link to 8sms: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thinkleft.eightyeightsms.mms

Which SMS app are you guys using to replace Google Hangouts?

by frankspin

Could you live without Google products?
After Google shutdown reader, and with their bigger push of Google+, I'm noticing blog posts popping up a bit more with people moving away from Google services. Aside from the companies history of just axing products, the issue appears to be users are becoming uncomfortable with Google's changes that affect products across the entire web -- not to mention the sweeping change to Gmail, IMAP, XMPP is leaving some people unhappy.
I was trying to think about how difficult it would be to make this... Read more →