July 24th 2013 12:50 pm

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  • Media support While the partners are limited, Netflix and YouTube make up a high percentage of people's streaming needs already. Add Play content and "Good". good
  • Video quality 1080p output, what else needs to be said. great!
  • Audio quality Without a good AV receiver and speakers, I don't feel qualified to speak to this category, gets a "Good" based on other reviews. good
  • Ease of use Could not possibly be easier. great!
  • Design and form factor Tiny, out of sight, power cord no more of an issue than with any competing device. great!
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Short review: for the price, this is a no-brainer. Buy it.

We have a Roku, an Xbox and a bluray player which can all stream content and have more streaming options. However, since this has been installed it has been the ONLY thing we use. The reason is fairly simple: the phone or tablet (which we already have in our hands) BECOMES the set-top box. And that "box" just does a better job at discovery, management and control than any of the other "box" options. The myriad other streaming sources (Amazon, Vudu, HBOGo, etc) would be nice, but even without them, the ease of use and powerful control over content trumps everything else.

Bottom line: our beloved Roku is now in a drawer and the Chromecast is using it's HDMI slot.
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I have a Roku and assorted Android MiniPCs and TVBoxes that can stream content, but I'll probably use my Chromecast with my Nexus 7 (original version) or Galaxy S4 more often.

This sounds good. Nice review. Heads up!