July 24th 2013 12:50 pm

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  • Media support The Chromecast is somewhat limited in terms of what it can play, but everything it plays works brilliantly. so-so
  • Video quality This rivals the best quality of any streaming video. The Apple TV has weird motion and quality issues that are not present with the Chromecast. great!
  • Audio quality Audio is pretty darn good, and it stays synced with the video. great!
  • Ease of use It is really easy to use, but the Cast extension for Chrome is an extra download and it does need USB power. Mine is powered by a USB port on the TV. good
  • Design and form factor The design is very Google. Simple, but quirky with some nice touches. It's a solid functional design and includes an HDMI dongle if it doesn't fit an open spot. great!
Detailed review
The Google Chromecast does everything I need it to do for $35. As other reviews have mentioned, support is somewhat limited right now, but Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play should be enough to get by for almost everyone. It's small size, ease of use, and the fact that your phone is your remote lead me to use this much more than the Apple TV sitting literally right below it. Another nice touch, often overlooked, is that setup simply requires your Wifi password and a one-time code entered in your phone. No store accounts or extraneous passwords to enter or remember, no excess information stored on the device. There is a big benefit to the device simply acting as a browser window. The product just makes sense, especially at $35. Buy one.