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by kris

So you have a Taco Bell phone. What about these other free, limited edition products?
Last week, Taco Bell sent out 1,000 free burner phones to "fast food influencers," calling or texting the phones periodically with instructions to tweet about the phone, Taco Bell, or whatever other nefarious taco-related tasks they may have in store for these lucky social media mavens.
While it's not unheard of to get freebies from companies (anyone who's ever gone to a trade show is swimming in the stuff, and developers tend to get a lot of free... Read more →

by ohpleaseno

CR-48 Owners: Would you consider a second CR-48?
I've been using my chrometop as my main web device for 5 months now and have found a few other great uses for it. Primarily, my elementary aged children use it and Google Docs to compose all of their typed assignments. It is so much better than worrying about files on different machines. The reason why the CR-48 is ideal is because I pretty much never have to worry about the thing breaking down or managing programs. Having a second chrometop would let me use mine while the kids use theirs....

by cass

For all those having issues with the trackpad on the Cr-48, Google is releasing an update that is supposed improve the performance along with a whole bunch of…
other improvements: - 3G modem activation fixes - 3G connection to the carrier fixes - Wi-Fi connectivity/Out of the Box fixes - New trackpad and sensitivity setting adjusted - Auto update engine and debugging improvements - Power optimizations - GTalk video/chat optimizations - Audio CPU utilization improvements - Improved on screen indicators: brightness, network status, update icon The release version is Has anyone gotten this update? If so, has the trackpad improved? Google... Read more →

by aelfwyne

Just got mine in today. I can't believe they're still sending these out!
I didn't even sign up on the first round, I signed up in December, seem to have got it rather quickly. Maybe it is because I've had GMail since early 2004 and have had quite a number of Android devices as well. Like another commenter, I also have a Galaxy S (Vibrant). I look forward to testing out the tethering in Froyo with this once the 100mb 3G runs out on the go.

by mikeisgo

Just got a new Cr-48 back after having to send my first one back due to some video hardware issues.
After using it for an evening and doing all of my surfing on it I can say I like it a lot. Its light, I can carry it around really easily, it has good battery life, it doesn't get hot, and well my only complaint so far is it doesn't quite have the horsepower for higher quality web video, but really I personally don't look at a lot of that anyway.

by peter

What does Chrome OS -- or any cloud OS -- need to do to go mainstream?
I was a little surprised when a Cr-48 -- that new Chrome OS laptop Google has been sending people to test -- showed up on my doorstep last week. I honestly wasn't expecting to get one -- Ryan got gdgt's review unit -- I just applied for one online like everyone else and kept my fingers crossed. I've spent a decent amount of time with it over the past few days (I'm writing this newsletter on it), and so far have some things I like (how easy it is to get setup, how quickly it... Read more →