April 4th 2012 6:42 pm

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  • Design and form factor Still needs refinement. For example, to use Translator app, it's a bit awkward to bring the text into the frame. I think it will be in beta for a while. good
  • Ease of use It's been just 3 days since I got the Glass. Still need a lot of " getting used to". good
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This is one of my expensive gadgets, which is still in beta, I have ever bought for my personal use (other than cars). But, IMO, it has instantaneously added a cool factor to my profile.

I still need more time to write a long review of this futuristic gadget, but couldn't hold my excitement to write a short one here within 3 days of use. I know there is a big list of pros; so I would just list a few cons here.

1. Battery life (2-3 hrs max of continuous use)
2. gets hot (I even saw a message something like "glass operates well when it's cool")
3. sometimes I get head ache after using it for a while
4. acceptance in public places due to privacy concerns
5. last but not the least, the price (I know the retail product will be much less)

I will write a more detailed review after a couple of weeks.

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