April 4th 2012 6:42 pm

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  • Design and form factor While I'm sure the final product released to the market will be even more svelte, these are much better looking than I thought. good
  • Ease of use Using Google Glass so very easy, I've had no problem jumping right in with it! great!
Detailed review
Using Google since Friday now and I'm both content with it design and form factor as a Explorer edition version and prototype. Could it look even better, sure and as time goes on as with all devices (especially phones) it will get smaller and better looking as it goes along. As it stand now though, it is a pretty look looking device, very future looking.

As far as using it, I was able to jump right in it right after my Glasses Guide showed me the ropes. Very easy to use, and easy to figure out on your own. No issues with UI or navigating around!