May 20th 2010 3:19 pm


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by notgary

The convergence of TV and the internet is an idea that has only really taken off on the torrent sites, but has a lot of potential, especially if someone can…
make a device/platform to which content creators can latch on to, the way magazine publishers are limpetting themselves to the iPad. The problem is that no one has yet produced a product that can fully replace a laptop connected to a TV/projector. Today, there are three main options for doing this: 1) Apple TV/Xbox 360 These both have pretty much the same story to them: you buy content from the respective stores, through the device, then watch it on your TV. Apple TV can transfer content from... Read more →

by deinfinityx

You know the biggest thing about Google TV IMO was the fact that it integrates Chrome and Android in a supposedly harmonious way.
Now this alone doesn't make for a big deal but I look at the bigger picture. If they succeed with Google TV, or even make it so they work really well together this opens a whole slew of options for Android in general. If this pans out the way I think it will Google could effectively marry three OS's into one super OS custom built to fit the need of the device at hand. Chrome OS is basically Chrome and with Google TV they showed that Android and Chrome could work together. This could... Read more →

by VerticalGambit

This solution does not go far enough.
I really wanted the Boxee Box to add an over the air Digital TV receiver and some storage. Then I heard about Google TV getting into the game and was hopeful, but again the same "almost there" idea. If someone can give me the a consumer grade box that is capable of dvr over the air broadcasts signals, with internet viewing technology(YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, ect..) and 10 foot interface, I would buy it in a heart beat. Then I would cancel my cable and only keep my cable internet...

by JustinCarone

As someone who has never had cable, and never plans to, the idea of Google TV is great.
Unfortunately the current iteration of it seems to be lacking in a few ways. I understand that I and others like me may not be the target consumer for Google TV but I was really hoping for more out of this release. The most interesting part to me is the inclusion of the Android Market place. The possibilities for apps are endless and definitely something to get excited about. My doubts come from the web video experience they are offering. By providing "the full web experience" on a TV... Read more →

by deinfinityx

With all the updates announced today the rest of the market is going to have a tough time catching up, If Google market syncs the way it was demo'd the…
Android market just surpassed itunes by a huge leap. Plus all the connectivity between Chrome browser and Android that is built in is just incredible. The speed is just a bonus really. Plus I couldn't help but laugh when they jabbed apple constantly the way apple jabs everyone, at least Google did it in a joking manner. I for one can not wait for GoogleTV and Froyo.