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by timchoi89

Why is pinning music in Google Play Music for iOS so so so SLOW?
I have an iPod Touch 5th Gen with Google Play Music installed. Since the iPod Touch is wifi only I have to make sure that my music on it is downloaded so I can play them in the car when going on trips. Do any of y'all experience really slow pinning on GPM for iOS? If so, do you know a solution?
Also, just some BG info before someone suggest I stream on my phone, I do use GPM on my Android phone but 3G is useless travelling in regional middle of nowhere Queensland Australia. I'd also rather use...

by karankashyap

Which phone should I buy among these reviewed?
I need a very detailed advice on which phone should I choose?
I am planning to buy a new phone, either Windows 8 or Android. Now, I like Windows Phone UI a lot and I hate Android's but in terms of specs, Android phones like Nexus and Galaxy S4 are a lot more ahead of Windows Phones but maybe its because WIndows phones don't need much RAM or processor. I'm more inclined towards Android for all reasons but the UI and the only thing I find less in Windows 8 is the number of Apps. Plus, I'm not sure... Read more →

by Met

What possessed Google to implement MTP on Android? -.-
In case you don't know what I'm talking about: So plugging an Android device to a computer used to be like plugging in a flash disk, it just worked automatically as a normal drive. As of Android 3, they decided to use Media Transfer Protocol to identify the device the device as a phone.
What possessed those idiots to implement this horribly flawed protocol?! Plugging and Android to a Mac used to just work. Now you need to install an app that works 1 out of every 5 times you plug your phone in and... Read more →

by TinyGrasshopper

What's the best unlocked android phone for $400 dollars?
I've saved up enough for a galaxy nexus which is what I want because I want an unlocked phone running stock Android 4.0 that gets regular updates. My current phone is a Nexus One and that's what I love about that phone.
Then I realised that the version of the Galaxy Nexus that is available online is the 16GB version. I wanted the 32GB version. That's the only way I could stand the Galaxy Nexus not having a micro sd card slot.
So I'd be willing to forgo getting the Nexus for a phone in the same... Read more →