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by dave

Videos like this shot with a GoPro HD make me want to buy one and do ridiculously extreme stuff.
Well done, marketing! It seems like skateboarding popularized first person fisheye video of extreme sports, but seriously, this is crazy! Skiing down a mountain, racing an avalanche, and then jumping off a cliff? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwbP9WLX3fY I need some Red Bull to calm me down.

by moodyj

Don't forget to try the HD TV Video cables
Because you will be disappointed if you don't! I only viewed the first few videos on my PC laptop and let's just say I was satisfied. I decided to try the HD TV cables and it was amazing. The color richness, the complete sound, everything was stepped up another level or 5!! Try the HD TV cables it really does make this camera look even better

by moodyj

Memory Cards
They recommend you use at least a class 4 memory card however I have found that it works with a class 2. What is more important is how your computer can handle the video. When I first started viewing the video on my laptop the video was choppy when I used the QuickTime Viewer. However, when I changed the open with settings to use Windows Media Player video was smooth and clean.