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by vivekrajr

Best global phone? GSM+CDMA with 3G and EVDO
I was looking to buy a new phone(in India). I switch between CDMA and GSM often and use two phones for this currently. I am looking to buy a new phone and came across HTC Desire 700
The specifications state that it has GSM and CDMA support on SIM 1(with HSPA and EVDO). I called the customer care to make sure that this was not a typo.
Are there other phones like this on which I can just use GSM SIM and CDMA UIM on the same slot? Are there any...

by karankashyap

Which phone should I buy among these reviewed?
I need a very detailed advice on which phone should I choose?
I am planning to buy a new phone, either Windows 8 or Android. Now, I like Windows Phone UI a lot and I hate Android's but in terms of specs, Android phones like Nexus and Galaxy S4 are a lot more ahead of Windows Phones but maybe its because WIndows phones don't need much RAM or processor. I'm more inclined towards Android for all reasons but the UI and the only thing I find less in Windows 8 is the number of Apps. Plus, I'm not sure... Read more →

by urbancorn

iPhone 5 or HTC One X+
(All on ATT):: In June I sold off my iPhone 4 and went to the HTC One X. I have an extra upgrade on my account and I have a buyer for the One X, so the question is this: do I stay in the HTC vein and get the One X+ or jump for the iPhone 5?
I do miss iMessage and AirPlay. All of my friends have iOS, so FaceTime is a standard. I have all the apps I need for both iOS and Android so I am not torn by ecosystem.
The things I am concerned about giving up from Android: everything I have is google... Read more →

by hyperblue

What's the difference between HTC J and HTC One S?
I've read that HTC J is just a WiMAX equipped Japanese variant of the One S. What else don't they have in common aside from their size and physical appearance?

Will the HTC J really have a microSD slot? Will it also only allow a microSIM, or will it be using a normal-sized one? How about the processor, display, casing material, etc.?

(Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions; I'm just really curious.)

by spencersumner

HTC One S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?
My iPhone 4 needs to be replaced. I tried to accomplish the task with a Lumia 800, but as you can read in my review, it didn't go as hoped. Since I am a Telus employee/customer the contenders for my next device include: the HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
As I see it the strengths of the HTC are the camera and the build quality, but it falls short in the qHD PenTile display, and Sense 4 (even if it is greatly improved).
The Galaxy Nexus has the 720p display, and stock Android. The build... Read more →

by hyperblue

HTC One S build quality issue?
I heard about the problem regarding the black (the micro arc oxidation treated one) One S 'casing' easily chipping off on its own. It has also come to my knowledge the HTC will let customers who have already purchased one return it and get a replacement unit. However, I was wondering: if this is the case, what reassurance do they have that the replacement unit will not encounter the same problem? Any news on whether there's already a solution to whatever's causing it to happen? Thanks!

by dotbeepdoot

Closed platform? Open platform?
I'm interested to see what the overall feeling is in 2012 in regards to this. I have been a simultaneous Android and Blackberry/WP7 user over the years and I always prided myself in my Android loyalty and scoffed at those who claimed the open-ness of Google's OS hampered the overall user experience. Last month I received my first iPhone and I think I'm starting to pull a 180. I believe at this point, especially after experiencing iOS firsthand, Google should really consider pulling in the reigns... Read more →

by PluckYew

Which 4g phone should I buy?
I have AT&T with a grandfathered unlimited data plan but prefer Verizon's performance. I am using an iphone 3gs. Itunes frakked my music collection and I hate it. I need Exchange support, though we do have a BES in house. Security is the most important. Had a BB curve a couple of years ago it was SOOOooo Slow and I had to pull the battery so often, I installed the battery puller app.