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We've already given the hardware plenty of love in our G2 review, but let us reiterate here that HTC's yet again done a very good job with crafting the Desire Z into a solid and professional piece of kit. quote

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Engadget Oct 6, 2010

If you're looking for a top-tier Android player with little in the way of compromises, look no further. The G2 has arrived.

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Engadget Nov 25, 2010

We've already given the hardware plenty of love in our G2 review, but let us reiterate here that HTC's yet again done a very good job with crafting the Desire Z into a solid and professional piece of kit.

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CNET Oct 5, 2010

Some minor issues aside, the T-Mobile G2 is one of the carrier's top Android smartphones, offering an excellent QWERTY keyboard, speed, and plenty of features.

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PC Mag Oct 1, 2010

The follow-up to the very first Google phone, the T-Mobile G2 is a powerful smartphone with a great keyboard and a hefty portion of pre-loaded Google services.

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Pocket-Lint Nov 3, 2010

The HTC Desire Z is undoubtedly a powerful Android handset, but we’re yet to see how its rival the Motorola Milestone 2 will compare in a full review - there is always the chance it will take the top spot.

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Phone Scoop Oct 15, 2010

The T-Mobile G2 has enough going for it in hardware design and features to make it easy to recommend. But even with its great performance, it won’t be long before the competition takes the same great features and offers more on top.

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IntoMobile Oct 13, 2010

If you’re looking for one of the best Android phones out today that’s not plagued with a customized user interface with the latest version of the OS, a rock solid keyboard, and blazing fast data speeds, the T-Mobile G2 may be calling your name.

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deinfinityx deinfinityx

The Tmobile G2 was the third Android phone I have owned, second with a keyboard. The phone itself was a beast, nice and heavy but not to much so. The Keyboard was ok but not as great as the old G1's keyboard. The screen was great at at 3.7 inches, but not as high res as some of the other...

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ericjosepi ericjosepi

I love this phone. Overall it's great, the processor can be overclocked to almost double the 800MHz clock speed safely and there's a good range of custom ROMs and the Android Market has a decent ecosystem to work with. If you want a great current-gen phone with a physical keyboard,...

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gtmercy gtmercy

Desire Z has been a great phone for me. I don't make many calls but use my phone a lot for messaging (sms, google talk, email, twitter, etc). Android market place has been great, allowing for great customization. The hard keyboard on the Desire Z, is really thought through, the hinge mechanic...

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justinhub2003 justinhub2003

The tmobile g2 is a great get stuff done phone, with an amazing keyboard and yet a large touch screen that is good enough to leave th keyboard closed for most tasks, its vanilla android so its fast, and stays out of your way, i've owned many android phones and this is certainly one of the best

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Radix Radix

Loving my HTC Desire Z since I got it - screen is much brighter and clearer than my Nexus One was and the keyboard is awesome. Call reception and quality is clear and my only complaint so far is the battery life could be better - though there are already a number of third party battery options...

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btate0121 btate0121

I absolutely loved this phone when I had it. My only complaints were the lack of front facing camera and the processor. It wasn't horribly slow but I definitely found myself wishing for more speeds from time to time, especially after the tegra devices were released. I will say this.. when I...

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ThomasVDP ThomasVDP

This i have to say was too much money for what it is, slow and i wouldn't recomend it as i believe there are better phones out there than this one

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