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by monkeychef

Just wanted to show everyone a really cool deal. If you go on ebay and search for Evo accessory kits, a whole bunch of cheap kits come up.
I got one for 8 bucks that has a case, car and home charger, usb, and screen protector. For what I paid, it is a great kit. You can find similarly priced batteries as well (I got 2 2000mAh for $16). Just something to look at.

by slambert

I am an Information Systems Manager and I've been testing some products on my HTC EVO that will allow me to remotely control a user's computer if my…
staff and I need to provide any type of remote support. One of the simplest and most cost effective solutions thus far is a product called Team Viewer. Non-commercial use is free right now until the end of month when it might become a paid app. It does require installing Team Viewer on the target PC and installation of the app on the mobile device. My stamp of approval is on this piece of software.

by groovechicken

My keyboard woes are over (hopefully)!
I finally had it with the terrible virtual keyboard that comes stock on this thing and decided to take my chances with something form the Market and hope and pray it isn't a keylogger in disguise. So, I downloaded Full Keyboard by Haily Lin and it is great! Granted, I haven't used it for very long yet, but I did manage to send a long test SMS without having to use the backspace key even once to fix a typo. Oh, glorious day! Maybe now I can finally start to love this phone. :) If my...

by DannyDefinit

It feels like an entirely new phone now.
So we got Froyo a little while ago, and after yesterday's update (3.29.651.5), scrolling across the home menus, web browser (especially noticeable with Google Reader), photo/video gallery, etc. feels a lot smoother and snappier now. Perhaps it's due to the 30fps cap fix. http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/09/22/htc-evo-... http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/22/sprint-outs-evo... Also, with 4G... Read more →

by chrisria

Used a Pre for one year and now have had an EVO for a month: LOVE my EVO! Not going to repeat all the superlatives to Techies that know it all...BUT...
if a non-techie asked me for a recomendation for a modern phone, I'd tell them to grab an iPhone or a Pre. I believe Apple still has the "best" UI and even Palm's WebOS is much more user friendly then Android is today. And what little I've seen of Phone7, it will also be a better UI then Froyo. But I love the choices!

by groovechicken

Avoid the Rocketfish case from BestBuy.
We bought 2 of these here at work because they looked great in the package, and feel decent enough. They even make it easier to get the phone out of a pocket, but the design is seriously flawed in that the areas that cover buttons have insets to make room for the buttons and it ends up making the buttons almost impossible to use. The EVO power and volume buttons are hard enough to get to as it is, but this magnifies at least tenfold. Button presses require fingernails with this, and forget... Read more →