by peter

Everyone complains about Android's fragmentation at the OS level, but one other thing I've been noticing lately is how completely inconsistent even…
something as minor as physical button layouts are on Android handsets. I've seen almost as many different combinations of buttons as there are Android phones, and the funny thing is that manufacturers aren't even internally consistent with their layouts, it's like no one can settle on a preferred order. I know this isn't something that the average person would notice or maybe even care about -- they probably don't have six Android phones on their desk right now -- but it... Read more →

by ryan

So I have an EVO 4G and the Droid X, and I'm don't remember the last time I said this, but apples to apples, I really prefer Motorola's handset…
to HTC's. Yes, the Droid X is a bit larger, but it also rights a few wrongs, like doing away with those silly capacitive keys below the display, and feeling much thinner to hold. It is absolutely snappy, and the inclusion of Swype out of the box is really nice. (Too bad Swype isn't enabled by default.) I still need some more time to play around with this thing, but the Droid X is actually the first Android device I've played with that's caused me to seriously reconsider the...

by WilsonHines

Folks, once you have this 4.3" screen you CAN'T go back - there just is no going back. I absolutely love this EVO.
I will say the only thing I don't like about it is the camera. It may be me, but my HTC TouchPro had a better camera. Again, it may be something I am not doing right. I am utterly blown away at the display, the responsiveness and et al. The battery life may be an issue for some, but I have been trained by my TouchPro to have the charger handy, so no biggy for me, personally. I spent Sunday morning and evening at church comparing this to what other friends had, including the iPhone 3GS and...

by kstagg

Holy Crap this thing is awesome. Just to put it in perspective.
I went from a Samsung Eternity Phone with TouchWiz to a BlackBerry Curve 8520 (which was a reliable phone but @ 2G and at 320X240 on ATT). Now I have Sprint's 800 X 480 res monster on a 4.3" screen with thousands of incredible applications to choose from and not lining the pockets of the Dark Lord Jobs AND I'll be able to have flash when Froyo 2.2 comes along. It just gets better and better. This will blow the iPhone 4 out of the water with the video screen calling. Don't let... Read more →

by Tiradora

Initially the size of the phone turned me off until i was able to manhandle it on the network-in store. I would have to say now my only beef is the battery.
I have changed some settings and adopted the task killer to help with the battery life, but it means i will have to keep my multitasking and running of background apps to a minimum. However i saw in the settings that there are preloaded apps(with their own battery draining settings) that cannot be deleted. For example i have no desire for a "news" app since i already have bookmarks and google reader as my primary source. The only way to stop most of these apps from draining my battery... Read more →

by jngo

This is a sweet phone, although isn't Sprint as a company doing poorly.
I am no expert but I am pretty sure Sprint as a whole have had substantial customer loss every quarter. I think if the EVO were to be on Verizon as an alternate CDMA network it would have done much better. It appears sprint is saying they have moved about 150,000 units in the first 3 days according to a post on Engadget.com. It will be interesting to see how long the exclusivity maintains on this phone.

by mbadawy1

You see, until yesterday's keynote, I would've dropped dead if you handed me an Evo.
Now that a phone has officially been announced with the kind of pixel density the iPhone 4 has, HTC's offering is considerably less attractive. That said, I guess it's only a matter of time until HTC comes out with a set that has a 4+ inch screen with comparable pixel density on android.

by redlantern2

I had updated the phone with the 8 gig micro inside to fix a problem,but the problem still persist.
On the top left of my evo it show a little micro SD icon with a question mark in it.I have a option to format it but its not possible when it can not be detected.has any body else have this problem,and if so did you find a way past this unfortunate error?