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by Geronemo3

ive been using the desire HD rom on my hd2 and am confused about navigation options present on the phone. In the programs menu i have maps, buzz, car panel, navigation, location. Now i understand what buzz and maps is. Now all the others are basically related to maps, but what is the function of location or navigation, i dont understand. i read somewhere that Location is basically pre-cached maps and i don't require a data plan for them? if yes when and how are the maps downloaded? is it... Read more →

by peter

Trouble installing apps?
Just got a review unit today and immediately ran into a problem: I can't successfully install any apps. No clue what the problem is, but when I try to install something it hangs (usually about 3/4 of the way through) and then the phone just becomes very sluggish until I kill the install process via Task Manager. Anyone else experience this?