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  • Camera No comments
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Detailed review
The Phone looks nice and sleek,
It may look Chunky when you see the image, but its slimmer then the iphone :)

The screen is perfect for browsing the internet and the response is great (even
While using Mobile internet) I have used other smart phones, Nokia N97, Iphone and the browsing isn’t the same compared to the HTC.

Built in Opera and IE is good as well.
Using the Favourites feature to get to the websites is good as they are easily accessible. (Saves having to open up browser and then going through options and favourites. or just having one page as your homepage.

Browsing the applications is fast and easy, (the Task manager is good feature allows me to switch off redundant things I am not using.

Only issues I have is the Photo album and music
It looks like an Iphone interface but not as good. The pinch and browsing tracks isn’t as good,

on the Iphone browsing Music tracks is easier and faster, on the Pinch feature on photos, it would be nice if I was able to zoom in further into the image then a certain amount.

On the whole the Phone is good and I am glad I waited for it.