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Detailed review
It probably isn't fair for me to write a review after only owning the phone for two days but I figure with all the neggative press it's been getting amongst the "average joe" user I thought I'd try and brighten things up (hope I'm not jinxing my future experience!).

I won't go into the design of the phone. There are a million pictures out there and, as with many things in life, they don't do the HD2 justice; it is certainly one of the coolest gadgets/phones available as of this writing.

To give you a point of reference, I'm coming from the G1 and a T-Mobile Dash before that. The G1 was the first really cool phone from T-Mobile, in my opinion anyway, so I had to dump my Dash even though the G1 didn't support Exchange out of the box (I purchased an excellent program called TouchDown for that). Anyway, the G1 has been getting on my nerves for some time so I was looking to move on, but it's always tough since there are so many cool phones on the horizon. And with Phone 7 support not officially going to happen it was hard to pull the trigger on the HD2, but you have to live in the present so I did; and I think it was a wise decision.

The biggest drawback to purchasing the HD2 is that WinMobile 6.5 is kind of a dead end so the latest and greatest apps aren't going to be written for it. If having the latest apps is really important to you then you probably don't want this phone. I used to think these things were important to me but after analyzing my usage patterns on the G1, thanks to the battery usage meter, I found that I mostly just checked email, did some texting, and surfed the net while on the phone; all of these experiences are better on teh HD2.

One thing to mention before I forget is that on T-Mobile the HD2 can be used as a 3G modem without an additional charge on your data plan (and w/out being hacked). This is really useful for those of us who need to connect on the road and don't want to pony up another $40+ a month for the half dozen times a year we can't find a wife hotspot (it is unlikely this feature will be available when Phone 7 is released).

Also, the Swype keyboard is excellent. I have been getting better at it and think I'm just about as good as I was on the G1 with its physical keyboard.

I'll write another review if I start to hate the phone but as of now I am really impressed. Battery life seems pretty good (can get through the day even though Im playing with the phone tons) and I haven't had it lock up on me once. My guess is that those out there with bad experiences in that regard have questionable hardware or have loaded some seriously flawed software.