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Detailed review
Ok first of all I am coming from a jail broken iPhone, with expectations for both business and personal use. So there will be comparisons.

First impression was WOW this is a well built phone with an incredible screen. Starting up it felt very familiar but different. The sense UI can carry the misgivings of Windows Mobile only so far. Touch sensitivity is on par with the iPhone the screen however is HUGE and SUPER CLEAR. At times it felt like the screen and phone was just too big. I have big hands and at times I just had to put the phone down. I could have gotten used to it in my pocket but would eventually have gotten a holder of some sort.

The 3G in the Atlanta area is surprisingly fast in areas, paired with the snapdragon processor this device seemed to fly through applications. Applications opened in a blink of an eye. You could open as many applications as you need, which may be a problem in its self. I had to keep task manager on my home page to close out things as the phone slowed down. Downloaded Opera 10 which was such a great browser for this device, except I experienced some issues with clicking links and some web pages would not accept Opera as a valid browser.

My biggest disappointments may sound petty but when you are used to something its hard to take a step down from it. Facebook application is like the early web app the iPhone had, its limited and annoying that it goes back and forth between the application and the brower. Youtube was just a joke, it is limited to its own operation and will not work with any other like a browser link or email link. This may be petty but why wouldnt the application have subscriptions included in it.
The overall flow of the phone to me seemed choppy and I found it cumbersome to move from one application to another. Even with no multi-tasking the iPhone seems to move from one application to another with ease and though its one app at a time it just seems to flow naturally. Email a youtube link to yourself to see what I am talking about.

Now though I have to admit that I was seriously impressed with the overall build of this phone I have to say there needs to be a soft reboot sequence other than removing the battery. Especially if they continue to handicap this beautiful device with windows mobile. Oh I remember how everyone complained about battery life on the iPhone, it was a fact of life with a smartphone that you had to recharge at some point before you were really ready to. That said, this battery SUCKED. I could easily run the battery down 2-3 times daily. It was so bad I carried around a secondary power source, when I knew I wouldnt be near a outlet or my car. Yes I had 3G on, WiFi, and I guess GPS. Yes I pulled mail every hour, had notifications on for several applications. Pretty much same routine for current phone.

There were several reasons I returned the phone;
1) In the 4 years I have had an iPhone I never dropped a call. Day 2 with this phone on a conference call with a client sitting on my desk the phone decided to drop the call.
2) Found myself accepting some short comings of the phone and using it in conjunction with my iPad. I was now replacing one device with 2, WHY ???
3) I got tired of having to reboot the phone. Waiting for it to reboot so I could pull mail for a check in was the last straw.
4) It may have been premature to decide on the battery life but at that moment it was unacceptable to be tethered to a power source that much.