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If you like the design and features of the HTC One (M8) but always found its metal build and price point to be a bit off-putting, the One (E8) is the phone for you. It takes the basic design and all of the great features of the M8 and places them in a solid polycarbonate casing that feels good in the hand and costs a lot less too.

The HTC One (E8) should look familiar enough, with a "design heritage" that Android Central calls "unmistakable," though with a "grippier plastic shell" that makes the E8 "easier to one-hand than its aluminum brother." Even if you were to drop it, it can probably take the hit as CNET notes it's "well-constructed and solid." However, anyone looking to impress others should know that CNET also feels it "doesn't add much new" and SlashGear says "plastic invites no reaction."

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CNET Aug 12, 2014

The One E8 offers the high-end HTC experience in glossy colors and a plastic case, but without a unique selling point, there's little reason to buy this expensive device.

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SlashGear Aug 5, 2014

Like Apple’s iPhone offerings, HTC's duopoly here is meant to diversify the portfolio and price points. They succeeded.

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phoneArena Jul 29, 2014

With the exception of its polycarbonate shell, the One E8 is every bit the device we've all come to appreciate and respect. But don't expect this to be a flawless device – it's got its drawbacks.

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GSM Arena Aug 1, 2014

Now, the E8 won't go for as little as half the price of an M8 - far from it. But with a superior battery life, slick Sense 6 interface, and vastly improved camera and processing speed, it has all the makings of a sleeper hit for a company that desperately needs one.

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Android Central Jul 25, 2014

There's no disputing that it's a less premium handset than the M8 ... But in day-to-day use it actually has some advantages over the more expensive model — it's lighter, easier to hold, and furnished in a material that some might actually find preferable.

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Android Authority Aug 5, 2014

If priced right, this should be a great alternative for those looking for a more affordable HTC One M8, or simply a good phone that won’t slip right out of your hands.

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First Looks

product preview
Engadget Jun 11, 2014

Slower camera and lack of TV remote feature aside, the E8 is easily a steal given the near-identical guts as the M8 (Snapdragon 801, 5-inch 1080p screen, microSD expansion and more) plus the reassuring build quality.

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VikSpark VikSpark

A brilliant phone that carries the design and ecosystem of the HTC One forward. The perception that its a poor cousin to the mighty M8 does not apply, since it has its own character, style and USP's. I find the E8 much more classier and sedate as compared to the jazzy and beautiful M8. My wife...

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voodooroller voodooroller

My new companion is the HTC One E8. As a $100 upgrade after rebate, it was a no-brainer for me. I was attracted to HTC's no-nonsense skin, the high end specifications, and the no-frills design. I do not want a phone that attracts attention or "feels high end." I want something durable,...

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