by Billfred

Sweet Jelly Bean WHY?! (Help)
Since the Jelly Bean (4.1) update, it seems that you can no longer access the phones storage via USB anymore. Instead ir forces you to install "HTC Sync Manager" and sync media that way. Freaking terrible. Anybody got any help on the matter for something like the old Hard Drive mode back? I'm running OS X just FYI.

by kylesturgeon

Cellular Network Differences
Can someone help explain why the iPhone does not currently work on a majority of T-Mobile's HSPA+ 1900MHz networks? I'm currently using a HTC One S in the Philadelphia area with one of T-Mobile's Monthly4G plans--is the One S not using the 1900 MHz frequency? I never see the Philadelphia area listed as one of the cities that currently support T-Mobile's HSPA+ 4G network (example: this article... Read more →

by inte99

Which Phone?Samsung galaxy nexus or htc one s?
Which one should i get?first i wanted the htc one s.but after google yesterday announced(at google i/o) that the gnexus would get jellybean(4.1) first,im kinda confused.the price was also dropped for the nexus.the price of both phones is not a problem for me.im gonna buy unlocked.i like sense as much as stock ics.i dont take much pictures so the 5 mp camera on the gnexus doesnt bother me.the size doesnt matter as i have large enough hands(not huge)to hold both phones.i love the build quality on... Read more →

by peter

Will the next iPhone have a larger screen?
[Just jotting down some thoughts quickly here, apologies for any typos!]
There have been conflicting reports on this, but the WSJ published something today indicating that Apple is likely going with a 4-inch or larger screen for the next iPhone (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303... We heard these rumors last time around, and Apple stuck with a 3.5-inch display, so I certainly would not be surprised if the screen on the next iPhone remains the same.... Read more →

by srendellshelby

Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC One S?
I am not a gdgt person but I want a phone which has a good camera 5+, voice activated for texts etc., hard wearing, I hear the HTC has an extra strong screen. Has GPS and is 4G. Do not want to spend more than $200. Where is the best place to buy from, Wirefly? I am with T-Mobile. Any suggestions on the which is the better phone? Totally confused and neither of these phones have been mentioned in reviews I have viewed either, yet Best Buy and T-Mobile recommend them. Thanks

by hyperblue

What's the difference between HTC J and HTC One S?
I've read that HTC J is just a WiMAX equipped Japanese variant of the One S. What else don't they have in common aside from their size and physical appearance?

Will the HTC J really have a microSD slot? Will it also only allow a microSIM, or will it be using a normal-sized one? How about the processor, display, casing material, etc.?

(Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions; I'm just really curious.)

by RedSeven

Chipped case - replacements offered
HTC has said they'll replace the handsets of users who are unhappy with way their micro-arc oxidised cases are standing up to daily wear. Seems they might not be nearly as robust as HTC made out. Is that the end of the issue though? Isn't a replacement likely to suffer the same fate?
I'd be interested to hear anyone's replacement stories. I'm considering taking mine back, though have the added complication of having unlocked the bootloader. I don't think they could hold that against me as having...

by gkcmilner

Bluetooth profiles?
I now have two cars that will read my text mesages; but the phone needs to have Message Access Profile (MAP). My Samsung T959 does not have this but I have noticed that some HTC phones do. Does this phone support MAP?

by brett

Would HTC be better off releasing devices without Sense?
With the release of HTC's One series and recent refocus on hardware, they have, in my mind, reclaimed the top spot among phone OEMs. I apologize for that sentence containing so many re's.
My question here is simple: would they be better off without Sense? Every review I read of HTC devices mentions sense, and it is almost always in a negative way. The comments range from "over-designed" to "bloated" to just plain "slow." Without Sense, updates would surely be pushed to the device faster (carrier... Read more →

by spencersumner

HTC One S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?
My iPhone 4 needs to be replaced. I tried to accomplish the task with a Lumia 800, but as you can read in my review, it didn't go as hoped. Since I am a Telus employee/customer the contenders for my next device include: the HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
As I see it the strengths of the HTC are the camera and the build quality, but it falls short in the qHD PenTile display, and Sense 4 (even if it is greatly improved).
The Galaxy Nexus has the 720p display, and stock Android. The build... Read more →

by hyperblue

HTC One S build quality issue?
I heard about the problem regarding the black (the micro arc oxidation treated one) One S 'casing' easily chipping off on its own. It has also come to my knowledge the HTC will let customers who have already purchased one return it and get a replacement unit. However, I was wondering: if this is the case, what reassurance do they have that the replacement unit will not encounter the same problem? Any news on whether there's already a solution to whatever's causing it to happen? Thanks!

by RedSeven

Possible to turn-off sense multi-tasking?
I have a Transformer Prime, which I very much enjoy using. In the settings panel there's an 'Asus Customised Setting' option which allows some control over the customisations the manufacturer has added. Will this be the same on the Ones? In particular the multi-tasking screen looks pretty janky to me. It'd be nice if that could be turned off.

by imissoldengadge

engadget using false information
The review on the one s on engadget.com says it will use the same processor as the one x on att. Is that not completely incorrect? The one s is using the qualcom MSM8260A where as the att one X is using the qualcom MSM8960. Completely different processors and benchmarks. Or am I misinformed by htc.com?

by Mulleflupp

What is the pratical usage of NFC?
I'm hesitating between the HTC One S and X, and since one of the differences is the absence/presence of a NFC chip, I was wondering what its actual practical applications are currently.
Knowing that the U.S. are often ahead of the Old World when it comes to new technologies, it would also be interesting to see what is already possible in the States and what is/will soon be possible in Europe (Belgium to be more precise).
Thanks in advance for any explanations, it might be helpful in this dilemma,... Read more →