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  • Reception and call quality Great sound, Beats Audio is also great for music (since it's optional it's win-win even if it's not to your taste) though sucky for podcasts great!
  • Display The display looks simply amazing, but up close (like reading in bed) it's noticeably worse than an iPhone 4. Pentile rarely bothers. good
  • Battery life Stand-by in day-to-day use is excellent (for an Android) but rarely lasts over 4 hours in use on auto brightness good
  • Camera Camera is good in general but requires a lot of natural light. Much worse than an iPhone 4 and up, worse than your average Xperia, but still not too bad good
  • Ease of use There's no Android easier to use than a HTC One (any model in the series) but Android is still behind the iPhone in general. Bit all over the place. good
  • Design and form factor It's not as wide as other 4"+ phones but still too big to comfortable use with one hand. If it's going to be too wide it would benefit from being even wider. good
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments good
  • Media support It's Android - anything goes. But there's no iTunes, which means it's not as easy for novice users to get media to the device (Play is mostly US-only) good
  • Durability The materials are excellent andI doubt anything would do (serious) damage to this, even a drop. But on the flip side it scratches (cosmetic) easily. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Compared to another Android it's 50/50, though HTC supplies great apps out of the box. Compared to iPhone, it's not even close. so-so
Detailed review
The HTC One S is an excellent phone in almost every department and I'd happily recommend it to anyone. However, coming from an iPhone 4, it feels like a step up in terms of hardware look-and-feel (display but a step down in terms of software. However, that's not the fault of the phone or HTC but rather the nature of Android, and that's just reality. Nothing is perfect and for every drawback there's an advantage when comparing an iPhone to any Android, though the HTC One S is probably the Android most similar to the iPhone in terms of overall user experience (hardware and software combined) which is why I bought it and why I think it's the best Android out there (unless you really like supersized or supersmall phones, of course - but if you want something in the same array as an iPhone, this is The One You've Been Waiting For).