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  • Reception and call quality Speaker has issues, but overall satisfactory good
  • Display I love the screen. 99% of people cannot see the pixels and it looks sharp great!
  • Battery life Since the update. the phone can last all day great!
  • Camera one of the best cameras I have ever used on a phone great!
  • Ease of use Sense is kind of sloppy. but better than previous years good
  • Design and form factor Love the look. Different and smooth great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Great size for smaller hands, but still gets a large enough screen. Also super light weight great!
  • Media support Media is good as well. Just wish Companies didnt hate each other. cough apple cough good
  • Durability It dings easy if dropped without a case since its made of a lightweight metal. and not fixable so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Android is 10/10 for me. the Play store is way more organized than any other OS. and love all the customization possible great!
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I love this phone, and even though I have multiple phones. I will not get rid of this phone. 2 years old and its still super fast and hangs with the new crowd. Love its unique look and camera. Id recommend it to anyone who wants a 4.3 inch screen