October 31st 2011 10:16 am


by jasona

Is there a issue with Ice Cream Sandwich and App Running in the background??
Since I upgraded my HTC Vivid to Ice Cream Sandwich I notice a problem with I think is the background process of applications. Perfect example would be that of the app Pulse. I have it set so that after I read an article it hides it.
So I could be in one article and then use the task switcher to go to another app to do something and after a period of time (not sure exactly how long) when I return to Pulse, it gives me the booting up splash screen like it is opening for the first time and now my... Read more →

by jeffkoe

How pocketable are smart phones with 4.3" and larger displays?
I've never tried living with a phone with a display larger than 4". With displays growing to 4.5" plus, I have to wonder what it is like to live with pulling these big phones in and out of your pocket all day? It would be much easier on your eyes than a 3.5" display I'm sure, but have you fellow smartphone users who carry big phones found it to be a big hassle? Thanks for any feedback on this.