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We're not sure why Jabra thinks a Bluetooth speaker that looks like a sneaker (Solemate, get it?) is a good idea, but that's about the only thing that makes this average-sounding speaker stand out. As CNET points out, it has "decent sound and battery life" and "doesn't sound great at high volumes." PC Mag dings it for "mediocre speakerphone quality" as well as some bass distortion, and warns that you shouldn't expect it to "power your next big party." Given the plethora of affordable Bluetooth speakers now available (the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, for example, is less than $100), there are better options than the Solemate -- unless you really want a speaker that looks like a sneaker.

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CNET Oct 16, 2012

The Jabra Solemate has a few small shortcomings, but overall it's a very solid compact Bluetooth speaker with a unique design.

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Computerworld Mar 22, 2013

The Solemate is a good Bluetooth speaker with a decent bass range and good sound, especially when it gets nice and loud. ... However, I think it might be more attractive to buyers if the cost was slightly lower, especially considering the competition.

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Gizmodo Aug 30, 2012

Bluetooth audio quality isn't great so if you're going to spend more than $100 on one of the countless little speakers out there, it better bring you some otherworldly satisfaction. We wanted to love it, but it just brought our friends frustration.

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Pocket-Lint Dec 18, 2012

Good tunes equal good times, and this little speaker will certainly deliver that as long as you're not looking to speak to anyone.

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TechRadar Nov 4, 2012

What we're saying is that, unless your standards aren't very high, we recommend against using this as your main speaker for music.

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T3 Dec 20, 2012

The £149 price does still feel a bit steep ... but if you are after a Bluetooth speaker that is compact enough to carry around in your bag and can fill a hotel room with enough sound to throw a party fuelled by drinks from the mini bar, the Jabra Solemate is definitely a good fit.

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nerijusgood nerijusgood

Great portable speaker for travelling and carrying around. Sound quality is excellent, though could be louder. Battery easily last up to 5-6 hours on maximum volume. Durable and hit/water resistant (of course in sane manner). Another great thing about it, that it has 3mm cable (in case no...

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